Why do we need to defeat Cargurus?

Woody CB

Cargurus’s “deal grade” system is deeply flawed and interruptive in the wrong direction. They are aggressively pushing to the top as the most visited site for used car marketing. Most of the consumers started to rely on their “Great deal”, “Good deal”, “Fair deal”, and “Overpriced” to make their decisions on which cars to buy.

Used cars have so many variables to consider when comparing two similar cars. Cargurus only calculate the year, model, features, mileage, and then determine and compare prices. We all know used cars’ conditions are hugely different depends on the habits of the owners, how the cars were used, where the cars were used, body conditions, tire conditions, mechanical conditions, and etc….  Only use a few parameters to declare a good deal or bad deal is misleading, to say the least.

Also in order to adapt to more and more shoppers who are not going into dealerships to look at the cars first, and then make buying decisions. By only looking online and complete the whole purchase process, we the dealers have to correct this misleading practice. Otherwise, the consumers won’t be able to make informed decisions and separate real good used cars from the ones only look good on paper. We the good dealers won’t be rewarded with extra effort we make to provide customers with the highest quality used cars. The whole industry will suffer.

But Cargurus is the traffic leader for car searching, and can a dealer afford not to use their service? Can dealers force this giant to change? The answer is Yes, but it will take some time. More dealers work on this and faster they will change.

Lastly, we need to take back control of leads generation. We will not be forced to pay skyrocketing cost of services from Cargurus, Cars, Autotrader, Carfax, and etc…

How to defeat Cargurus?

All we need to do 2 things. I can’t talk about that here in public.

Interested? Let’s talk: woody99333@gmail.com

Sam Salem

@Suzanne Laine

If the email was meant for me, it never made its way. gcmacquisitions@gmail.com

Suzanne  Laine

Besides their "deal grade" system, I find it weird that cargurus search results are now dominated by dealerships with available shipping--it used to just be carvana but now it's any dealer willing to pay extra for the "shipping" badge (set aside the fact that any dealer can ship a car).  Unless the shopper filters out these "free shipping" results, the search is populated with cars from all over the country (even if you're trying to search cars within a small radius).  This makes dealer visibility even more difficult, and expensive.  It doesn't seem to benefit either the shopper or the dealer.

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