Working on off days

Morgan Hardy

Do you allow your salespeople to come in and work on their days off?

Aimee Rogers

The commissioned sales staff, yes.  The hourly sales staff, generally no.  There can be some special occasions that we will allow hourly sales to come in, like if their out of state customer flies in on their day off to purchase.  

Morgan Hardy

@Aimee- How do the roles of your hourly sales staff differ from the commission sales staff?

Morgan Hardy

At one point, we did not allow them to come into work unless they had something already setup. Other salespeople would get upset about the others taking ups when it's not their day to work. 

Chris K Leslie

I am pretty sure you can work as much as you want to in our stores. 

Morgan Hardy

@Chris- it only seems to be an issue when we are slow. Then we have others complaining. 

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