Writing Used Car Descriptions on Craigslist

Moe Bakhtiari

Craigslist can be a powerful lead generation tool for your used car dealership. In fact, it can be a robust sales hub, but only when you use it correctly. A big part of this is writing good vehicle descriptions to accompany each listing. You might think that pictures alone are sufficient, but they only tell part of the story. A written description is critical for enticing buyers, and helping them to feel confident buying the vehicle in question.


Chris K.

Craigslist might be a lead generation tool for some dealers - but if you are a full retail import franchise dealer like we are, and have vehicles starting new or used at $10k and up - it's a bad fit.  I used Craigslist when it first came out - before the scammers followed. And for us, it's been a complete headache and hassles. A big waste of time. Making a deal or two a month isn't enough. Moments after any listing, we are flagged. Then again. And again. It's a great lead generator Moe for sure. But not for us, and not in my market. If you actually glance at CL, you'd never find my cars, or cars of similar quality and pedigree.

David Lemmon

For what its worth, we do Craigslist Postings for 2 of the top 5 dealer groups in the US and they see some pretty terrific results in both leads and website traffic. Flagging isn't a thing anymore, hasn't been since the per post fee was introduced, and that per post fee has totally changed the market into a legit place to sell cars. Indy lots can't afford to spam their whole inventory every day, so its a lot more viable and accessible to franchise stores.

John Colascione

If you visit Craigslist, specifically the dealer section, you will see it is FILLED with both independent dealers and franchise stores. To leave Craigslist (the largest and busiest classified site in the world), out of your marketing mix, is a mistake; a big one.

David Lemmon

John, we spent over 400,000.00 in 5.00 Craigslist Posts on behalf of our clients in the last 30 days...you're preaching to the choir. I'm simply pointing out the search relevance you're talking about doesn't work anymore.

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