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Self-Driving Cars: What the Big Automakers Predict for the Near Future

About 20 years ago, not a lot of people think it is possible to send an email using a mobile phone. Today, we have man-less drones and airplanes that can drive themselves. If you imagine that cars will drive themselves in the near future, you are right. In fact, the day cars will drive themselves may be sooner than you think.​​​​​​

the first car in the world

Driverless cars are no longer a fantasy like the one in the 1977 Hollywood movie "The Car" or the 1969 movie, “Herbie”. Big automakers are already playing with the idea of putting driverless cars on the roads in the near future. There is a good chance that one day, you can enter a taxi with no driver or have a car deliver your pizza at your doorstep. While this is not possible right now, there have been a lot of predictions from big automakers that give us a glimpse into the future.

Below, we will take a look at some of the biggest predictions by automakers on the future of self-driving cars. Keep on reading to find out more.

Tesla Eager To Put Self Driving Cars On the Road This Year (2019)

Tesla, led by ambitious CEO Elon Musk is a company known for its innovation and they are never afraid to make bold predictions. Apart from working very hard to offer space tourism, the CEO is very confident that before the end of 2019, Tesla will perfect a self-driving car that can efficiently travel on major roads.

General Motors Dreams of Replacing Rideshare Cars With Driverless Cars

Tesla isn't the only automaker with big plans for 2019, General Motors are working seriously to revolutionize rideshare services with self-driving cars. According to the company, they aim to offer a driverless alternative to Lyft and Uber before the end of 2019.

If this works, it will be a major disruption in the rideshare industry and the way we travel. General Motors hopes that their innovation will lead to more convenient and budget-friendly rideshare services.

Ford To Product Fully Autonomous Cars For Delivery

While General Motors are concentrating on revolutionizing the rideshare services, Ford - the giant automaker is investing heavily in developing autonomous cars that will play a huge role in delivery. This USA-based automaker is confident that they will put their autonomous cars on the road by 2021.

Ford is currently working with Walmart to make cars that the latter can use in delivery of products. The company also planned to make the car available to other customers. Should this become possible, retailers and businesses like Walmart and Amazon can save money by eliminating the need for human drivers.

Volvo To Make Self-Driving Cars For Uber

Another automaker based in Europe - Volvo, has recently signed a contract to provide Uber with a line of fully autonomous cars. Volvo isn't just hoping to build autonomous cars but the company has a lofty ambition of standing out among the competition by designing luxury autonomous vehicles. The European automaker wants to offer consumers stress-free rides.


Final Word

There is no doubt that we would soon rethink how we drive cars. The automakers mentioned above are by no means the only companies that are working on developing autonomous vehicles. What we could say is that these self-driving vehicles will soon share roads with us. When they are finally put on our roads, there will be a major disruption in various aspects of our daily life. Without a doubt, self-driving vehicles will impact us positively like reducing the cost of travel and accidents. Hopefully, you are ready for autonomous vehicles.

Bart Wilson

I'm curious about the timelines the OEMs have for autonomous vehicles.  They seem to be very optimistic about the adoption.

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