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My Boat Is Not Sinking! Why Should I Get On Yours?

The last 5 years of my career I’ve focused on automotive marketing and I can’t believe that I am about to write about digital “naysayers”. We should be past this... right?

If you are reading this and find yourself checking out on a regular basis you would agree with the above statement, you would also agree that you still run into the “naysayers” and get just as frustrated as anyone else in your position. How do you deal with this roadblock that comes between your motives and career goals?

Let’s analyze the situation a little bit;4535ef30e88e5b673261a888d7ce3d25.jpg?t=1

Mr. Grossem is a Dealer Principal/GM and has been for 17 years. Let’s call him Dino. Dino runs a well-known brand dealership in a downtown, central area. You can see the dealership right off the highway and everyone knows about Grossem Motors. In fact they have a massive database and many loyal customers. Over the past 5 years Dino has noticed quite a change in customer behavior. He knows the Internet is a big part of this change but he has had nothing but bad experiences every time he try’s to A) Learn and understand why or B) spends money on a “digital” initiative. He’s sick and tired of all the commotion around silly “programs” like Facebook that his Daughter talks about all the time. Someone, like you, tells him how important it is to “get on the boat!” Dino, in his mind believes that he doesn’t need to get on another boat! His boat is working just fine! Runs like a dream, not one leak. Grossem Motors moves 150 units a month, fixed ops is as steady as ever and every time he try’s spending money on AdWords/SEO/Social Media the ROI makes no sense and he couldn’t care less about learning why, there is way to much to do!  So why would Dino get on your boat when his isn’t sinking…yet?

How do you, explain to Mr. Grossem that it’s time to focus and begin catering to the needs of his customers? The answer is in the question.


Does your dealership have a plan? It sounds so simple yet, contentment and “being comfortable” overrides the idea of a Plan. When a dealership has been around for 20 years, the plan becomes every day business. When a dealer is content with the sales and is comfortable with the trend, the need for a plan goes out the window.

Now, if someone came along to Mr. Grossem & explained the plan, interpreted a solid ROI attached to goals of the plan, maybe Dino would consider such a thing. Here is the problem. Digital Marketing is still new; there are so many “shiny tools” and not a whole lot of proof to back up the integrity of the tool. There are opinions, experts, gurus and an abundance of different directions to go. WHO IS RIGHT? WHO IS WRONG? It’s impossible to say. When something is so new, changes daily, who is in charge? Where is the complaints department?

The automotive vertical has a history of important factors to make the business go round. Managers know what traditional factors they are and they FOCUS on them, day in, day out to meet targets and keep the lights on.  Digital Marketing can have the same focus… if a plan is set out with the elements that make sense to the goals. The elements that cater to today’s Internet shoppers.


Mr. Grossem knows darn well that customer service is one of the most important elements of his success.  Customer service is about CATERING to the needs of your customer in every way possible. So what is the difference if it’s on the Internet or in the Service Drive Thru? That line in itself will help bring “naysayers” on your boat!

This weekend, Sunday, October 12th at 1:00pm at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, I will be speaking about these exact topics! Diving deep into the elements of a focused plan that will give you the clarity and concentration you need to fulfill a marketing plan, I have seen succeed over and over again.

In the case that you cannot attend, I’m sure Driving Sales will be releasing the presentations on videos shortly after the conference.

If you have not attended Driving Sales Executive Summit, it’s by far (in my opinion) the most forward thinking, innovative conference in the automotive vertical! Hope to see you there!






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