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Are you ALL IN or ALL OUT?

Particularly in the last 5 years, drastic changes in consumer shopping behavior has created fear amongst businesses; in turn, a viral infection of unfocused marketing. 

I have a background in human psychology and a passion for behavioral science. I spend time considering why we fail to keep up with our customers. We have the ability, technology and data knowledge to understand why such durastic change has occurred but, despite the fact, a high percentage of smart business professionals don’t believe OR CARE to adapt and cater to today’s consumer.


Advertising and marketing initiatives may never be perfect, yet I believe as an industry, we should be doing much better then we currently are.  If everyone was on the same page and worked as a team to execute and modify our strategies we would be better off.  We can all agree, there are people in every boardroom that don’t comply. All it takes is one “bad apple”. I love the phrase "You are only as strong as your weakest link", and so, without 100% of the team on board, your customers will continue to be frustrated and in the dark.

Is your team ALL IN or ALL OUT?

There are 3 major factors that will help make sure your team is ALL IN!

  1. Interpretation/Re-Interpretation:

The interpretation of how technology has affected our society is negative for some people. Example: “Our family dinners are ruined by my sons smart phone” We need to RE-INTERPRET the angle of this thought with your team. Get up in front of the entire team at sales meetings and prove how technology is affecting our industry in a positive way. The best way to do this is by adopting a culture around ZMOT.  Here is a great video to run with... Develop your concepts around this:

  1. Change Behavior By Changing The Environment:

I can’t stress the word CULTURE enough. The environment that surrounds the dealership should make everyone understand that change is here and here to stay. Tent cards on every desk that say “Have you seen what people say about us on Google Reviews?” The floor manager is reviewing out going emails every day, proving to the team that management cares and is on board with new ways of communication. General Manager hands out a survey to the sales team, asking for feedback on the website. Again, proof that management cares about change that the dealership is adopting! Culture is the environment; if the surroundings change so will the entire team.

  1. Be Proactive Not Reactive:

It’s a common situation to see businesses react to change instead of looking ahead, planning and being proactive. You could be the best dealership in the world, if your staff doesn’t see a plan for future improvements and innovation, belief in the business begins to dwindle creating “nay-sayers” at the same tame.  Be proactive and communicate the innovative ideas with the team. Over time everyone will see the light as they inspire each other with new ideas and proactive thinking!


How will you make sure that your ENTIRE team is on board with the changing world? Can you find some angles to re-interpret any negative thoughts your team has about technology? Can change your ways to create an environment that sends "change signals" to the team? Do you have an innovative plan for 2015 the team knows about? If not... it’s never to late!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy NOT fighting the old but building the new!  -Socrates



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