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Gregory Gershman

Gregory Gershman National Sales Trainer and Recruiter

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Slumps are for Chumps - This week's reading list

This weeks highlighted book is “Little Red Book of Selling”  by Jeffrey Gitomer.  I selected this book based on a message I received through Facebook from one of my previous students.

This student has had a lot of success the first three months on the car business, was actually the Sales Consultant of the month in his store for November and December.  January has not been as kind, and he reached out to find out what gems of wisdom I had to help him break out of his case of “the smarts” as he put it.

My response was that he needed to help himself before I could do anything to help him.  Where was the process falling apart?  Is it always the same issue?  How many days data do you have?  Is anyone watching you do your presentation?  No good data in, no great answers to give back.

The first step to fixing anything is knowing what to fix.  In my training I teach my students to create a worksheet documenting their traffic, demo rides, times working figures, and clients sold.  We break the month down into thirds to analyze so we never get prolonged slumps.  Once you find the weak points you can ask anyone who knows the process to watch and clearly tell you where you are differing from what we know is successful.

Slumps are for chumps!

Here are a few tidbits for dealing with breaking out of a slump, once you get to the heart of the process breakdown from the Little Red Book of Selling:

Get someone you respect to evaluate your presentation - Once you know what part of the process needs some revamping, simply ask any of your teammates to watch you perform in front of a prospective client and give feedback on how close to your documented process you are performing.

Spend 30 minutes a day reading about your positive attitude – First thing in the morning set aside some me time to read or watch something motivational.  Sometimes it isn’t just the process, it might be the feeling behind it.  

Avoid negative talk and negative people like the plague - Negativity sucks energy and focus lack a black hole.  Negative people derive comfort from keeping those around them down, and justify their lack of success by encouraging failure in those around them.  

Lastly, great quote in the book “Kick your own ass!” 

You cannot help others until you invest in yourself.  That all starts with caring about your own motivation.

Grab this book and get selling!  Remember leave the slumps for chumps!

Craig Lockerd
Great book to choose from Greg and outstanding advice for the salesperson you trained and others of course.I love the idea of having someone you respect evaluate your presentation,I would guess that just a handful of very successful people actually take that step! Keep up the great content,thanks
Gregory Gershman
Thanks Craig! Lots more to come. Every week a new book, and a new blog post. Just hoping to help!
Ernie Kasprowicz
Becoming and remaining successful in a sales career requires never ending effort. Time must be spent everyday involved with some aspect of selling. Whether it is to review the process taken, as you suggest, or to continue to educate and further refine one's knowledge and skills or to build a pipeline through prospecting and follow up. Greg, you have offered good advice and a good resource with the Little Red Book and I look forward to other offerings you suggest.
Gregory Gershman
Thanks Ernie! We only have 4 tools at our disposal: Attitude, Commitment, Process, and Self-Realization So important that we use each and every one of these towards being successful. If you are neglecting one you are throwing 25% of any success you can have straight out the window.

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