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Hunter Swift

Hunter Swift Manager of Market Development

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YouTube's Recommended Videos Hurting Your Biz?

I was recently talking to a dealer who has been incorporating YouTube videos into his emails and marketing efforts. I noticed an issue and have been unable to come up with a fix or work around and wanted to reach out to the Automotive Industry for help. The issue has to do with YouTube’s Recommended Videos.


Dealer records and publish a video to YouTube… “Why Buy From Us”.

He embeds it into an email to send to his customers.

Customer clicks on Video Thumbnail and watches video.

After the video concludes YouTube populates 16 Videos they recommend (As well as 20 Suggested Videos on side of page).

The issue is the videos it is populating as recomended/suggested are for the dealership’s competitors.

I have searched all through the channel setting and I see no way to turn this off.

If it is your video on your channel it seems like you should be able to control this.

But YouTube is free to use, so I maybe we cant do anything about it.

Really hoping some knows something or could offer some help. Is there any way you can influence what is being shown? 



Hunter Swift is the Director of Sales Development at DealerSocket and has been with the company since 2005. In addition to his current role he has fulfilled the responsibilities of customer support, consulting, training, and sales. He specializes in helping dealerships improve processes through the use of CRM technology. Prior to DealerSocket he sold cars and is a graduate of Pepperdine University.

Follow him: @HunterSwift

Hunter Swift
So if you go to share and embed... directly underneath is a checked box that says "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" but this seems to only work when the video is embed on say a website. Not when you are on your YouTube Channel.
Andrew Myers
This is VERY simple to fix in multiple ways. The easiest you can actually change the embed code that you put into the link. I learned this trick from the one and only Robert Wiesman at the Unfair Advantage Mastermind Summit. This would be if you only have ONE video in your library and don't want similar videos competing with your video. The option that we use because our clients all use a "series" of videos online to build value and often have many videos in their store video library (so to speak). In this instance, it works really well to tag all the videos with the same beginning tags. The more unusual the better. If your dealership is Auburn VW, and your local ZIP is 98103 - then make the first four tags 98103AVW, AuburnVW, 98103, Volkswagen... and so on... Usually the uniqueness and similarity between the the tags on all your video types, will often cause them to show up together more often then not. Sometimes it is not a bad strategy to just block the suggested videos like in the first example, sometimes it is best to offer other videos. VENDOR WARNING: (may get pitchy) IF you are using YOUTUBE to host these videos there are ALL sorts of amazing things you can do with that video your customer is watching. Specific video retargeting, you can pitch to other videos from with the first video (annotations), you can chat right from there (Crossroads chat) and most of the time engaging your traffic once you have them watching a YOUTUBE video is not only easy but EXTREMELY cheap also. Call me anytime for more FREE information about how to optimize video on YOUTUBE. \ Andrew Myers What's Next Media 206.478.8721
Ben Gregory
Hunter, this is something that has always bugged me. I never like seeing any competitive recommendations on the screen after someone watches one of our videos - especially when the video is imbedded on one of our websites. The good news: there is an easy solution that will take you no time at all to implement. If you add the URL code ?rel=0 to the end of your imbedded URL, it will change the recommendations to a replay option. Much cleaner. So for example, if you have a YouTube URL like this just change it to read like . The only exception is if there is already a '?' in the URL, in which case you would add &rel=0 to the end of the URL instead. Try that out and let me know if it works for you.
Hunter, It's great that you noticed this far too often I see a dealer leveraging YouTube only to see competitors or negative videos suggested at the end. The worst I saw was a video about a new vehicle that recommended a video showing that same model severely damaged in a crash and how the vehicles owner thought it wasn't safe. YouTube is great places to host your video and leverage it in your digital marketing. Bens suggestion is something I ALWAYS do when linking to a video, but I do it a little differently to make sure it hides ALL other videos. First I locate the video on YouTube, for this example I have navigated to the following video: This video show ads next to my video along with recommendations of other videos which are not from me. I modify the URL to be: Notice the watch?v= changed to /embed/ and I added ?rel=0 to the end. The video will now play the full size of the browser with NO ads, NO recommendations and NO suggestions. This is a great trick that I recommend ALL dealers leverage when linking to a YouTube video. Not only does it remove distractions, but it looks great for the end user when the video plays nice and large! James

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