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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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Auto/Mate Completes Mazda Dealership Communication System Integration


Clifton Park, NY (May 4, 2010)Auto/Mate Dealership Systems,

( the highest ranked DMS in the 2009 NADA Annual Survey of Dealership Satisfaction, announced today it has completed two key integration points between its Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) and Mazda North American Operations’ (MNAO) dealership communication system.

The integration improves administrative efficiencies in two vital areas: 1) The Mazda Vehicle Invoice Integration is a new Vehicle Merchandizing functionality that enables Mazda dealers to automatically import all vehicle invoices directly from Mazda into Auto/Mate, simply add a stock number and dealer specific entries, and then send directly to accounting.  2) Auto/Mate’s Mazda Service Campaign/Recall Integration enables Mazda dealers to obtain any open campaigns or recalls from Mazda on a specific vehicle when opening or modifying a Repair Order, and add it to a RO line.

Mazda dealers are delighted with the speed and efficiency the new integration points add to the system, “The new Mazda Integration from Auto/Mate is great. They have made putting inventory into the Auto/Mate system so simple and easy, it has sped up the process so much and left me time for other tasks. The information going into Auto/Mate from Mazda is so complete and accurate.  That is the slickest thing I have seen from a DMS ever. It works like a champ!” commented Deb Judd, Inventory Manager at Polar Chevrolet Mazda.


The new integration points add the following points of functionality:

a)    Auto/Mate’s Mazda Vehicle Download Integration:

·         Mazda will provide Auto/Mate with a feed of all the vehicle invoices for a particular dealership on a daily basis

·         The dealer can import all vehicle invoices directly from Mazda into Auto/Mate, simply add a stock number and any dealer specific entries and send to accounting

·         The integration eliminates the need for manual and double entry of data in multiple fields, lessening the room for human error because the process is now automated

·          Each invoice can be viewed as a report

·         The system provides an import log of all vehicles delivered by Mazda to the dealership


b)    Auto/Mate’s Mazda Service Campaign/Recall Integration:

·         Mazda dealers can obtain any open campaigns or recalls from Mazda when opening or modifying a Repair Order

·         The dealer can then indicate to the customer that their vehicle has these open Campaigns and if the customer agrees, add one or multiple items to the Repair Order

            “We all know the old adage that time is money. Improved efficiency is ever more important in today’s economy and we are delighted by how well this new integration has worked for our Mazda dealers,” said Mike Esposito, CEO and president of Auto/Mate.


AMPS is an easy-to-use comprehensive dealership management system with over 20 integrated modules to help dealers more efficiently and effectively manage their business.  It supports an unlimited number of users, workstations and printers, and can be implemented in any size dealership.  AMPS is available as both a cost-effective in-house and ASP solution.

For more information visit

Videos:  Auto/Mate video:

Documents:    The Dealer’s 10-Step Guide to Changing Your DMS” eBook

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About Auto/Mate


Auto/Mate Dealership Systems was established 26 years ago with a simple goal: to provide an efficient and reasonably priced computer system to increase dealers’ profitability. Designed by former auto dealer executives, AMPS (Automotive Management Productivity Suite) by Auto/Mate offers more than 20 fully integrated modules to suit any size dealership and to address every need, including Sales, F&I, Fixed Operations, Accounting, CRM, Fleet Sales and more. Auto/Mate’s success has led to a continuous growth rate of more than 30% per year, with its system currently in use by more than 400 dealers. In three combined surveys conducted by NADA, Auto/Mate has ranked the highest in customer satisfaction over any other dealer system.


AMPS by Auto/Mate Dealership Systems is powerful, scalable and has a unique, graphical interface that makes it familiar and easy to use. AMPS is an open system and will run on most computer hardware that a dealer has in place. When compared to other systems on the market, AMPS offers the most value per dollar, allowing dealerships to operate more efficiently and profitably. For more information, please visit



For additional information, contact:

Sara Callahan                                             Mike Esposito, President & CEO

Carter-West Public Relations                     Auto/Mate Dealership Systems

Phone: 727-288-2159                                 Phone: 800-371-3970

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