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Fred Haas Toyota World Sells 30-50 Additional Vehicles per month using CAR-Research XRM to Contact, Close Unsold Car Buyers


January 11, 2010

For more information contact:

Sara Callahan                                                 Kurt Kubicki

Carter West Public Relations                          CAR-Research XRM

727-288-2159                                                  (832) 452-5474               



Fred Haas Toyota World Sells 30-50 Additional Vehicles per month using

CAR-Research XRM to Contact, Close Unsold Car Buyers



Houston, Texas, January 11, 2011 –  Over the past 21 years Fred Haas Toyota World has grown into the top Toyota dealership in the Gulf Sates region and the number 3 Toyota dealership in the US; selling over 1000 vehicles per month. Despite this high volume, like many dealerships, it was only closing about 20 percent of shoppers that came through the door, losing 80 percent to the competition. While searching for a solution to help capture more market share, the dealership came across CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution uniquely branded as; “XRM, Exceeding CRM”. Today the dealership sells 30-50 additional vehicles per month using CAR-Research XRM’s Missed Opportunity Interviews to contact and close unsold car buyers within two hours of leaving the dealership; before they have a chance to shop the competition.






“I’m a firm believer that if a customer walks out of here, the market is so competitive that within 24 hours they will have purchased elsewhere. CAR-Research XRM customized our program so that unsold customers are contacted within two hours of leaving. This action alone produces our biggest ROI. When a shopper leaves without buying they are contacted by an independent third party (CAR-Research). The customer feels comfortable talking to them, we get the data on why they did not buy, bring them back in, handle the objection and make the sale. This action alone produces 30-50 additional vehicle sales per month,” said Shahin Salehoun, general sales manager with Fred Haas Toyota World.



Upon entering the showroom the customer’s drivers license is swiped, entered into the CAR-Research XRM system and a profile is created so the salesperson can start working the deal. If a car shopper leaves without purchasing a vehicle, within two hours CAR-Research XRM will have contacted the customer and tied it all together in a hot lead report with all data as to why the customer did not buy.

CAR Research XRM’s Unsold Research Call Center calls the customer and finds out: A) the ad source that brought the customer into the dealership; B) why the customer did not buy— what was the barrier – payment or price objection, trade value, was the sales person rude, etc., and C) were the correct ‘road to sale’ processes followed; was there a test drive and product presentation, etc. The dealership can then address these objections intelligently; reengage the customer, generate showroom visits, and eventually sell a vehicle to a previously unsold customer.


“Most dealers and OEMS are focused on making SSI calls to sold customers. While this can be important, what is truly essential and will produce more ROI is to find out why the unsold customer did not buy,” said Kurt Kubicki, VP of Marketing for CAR-Research XRM. “The average closing ratio for dealers is somewhere around 18-20 percent -- 80 percent are unsold customers.  We know that a third of that unsold 80 percent will come back if proper follow-up is done; but to get that third back in you have to call all 80. Dealers don’t have the time to do that and the customer may be upset and not want to talk to them. However, they will talk to an independent research firm like us. We get all the data for the dealership, enabling them to close these previously unsold customers.”


CAR-Research XRM then takes this data (provided by the customer) and creates in-depth reports which can help the dealership further improve operations. Reports can be broken down by specific salesperson, manager, or team and provide a real snapshot of exactly what the salesperson did across hundreds of customers. For example, the report might show that the salesperson is perhaps great at presenting and doing a walk around but horrible at getting a customer to take a test drive, which could increase the chance of sale by 50 percent. These reports can be used to help train and improve on any of these weak areas.


“I am probably one of the few GSMs with experience with most CRMs out there and every one had flaws in one area or another. What I like about CAR-Research is they have been in this business, sat in my chair and understand my pain. Now we finally have a CRM partner that knows our business inside and out, because they are 'Car Guys', not software people pretending to know the car business. They are helping us get back to those basic business practices that got us where we are today. I look forward to our continued partnership and achieving our goal of becoming number one in the country,” commented Salehoun.



About CAR-Research XRM:

For more information visit:




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