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MPi Offers Sneak Previews of the Ultimate Service Selling & Customer Retention Tool for Auto Dealers;, at NADA 2011



            Las Vegas, NV February 1, 2011 —   Mobile Productivity, Inc., (MPi) ( the leading provider of vehicle inspection tools, processes, and consulting for auto dealer service departments, today announced that it will offer dealers a sneak preview of its latest service selling and customer retention tool,, at booth # 4235N, at the 2011 NADA Convention and Expo in San Francisco, CA, February 5-7.

  The online platform, which will be fully available later this year, takes MPi’s highly successful Know Your Vehicle report, the ultimate service selling tool and customer takeaway, and places it online, making it a more interactive experience for the customer.

The Know Your Vehicle Report has proven to be an extremely powerful tool for promoting customer retention; dealerships using it enjoy over 30 percent of upsells from return visits within 30 days of initial service. The company predicts that the enhanced customer experience through will drive results even higher. Full demonstrations will be available was developed to give the customer a more personal experience with their service department, along with easy access to their vehicle maintenance and repair information.


The Know Your Vehicle Report itself is customized to reflect the dealership's brand, personalized to the dealerships’ customers.  It provides detailed pricing and explanations of services. Each easy to read report produces automatic recommendation descriptions which include "good part/bad part" images. The full color Know Your Vehicle report enables customers to become better educated on the health of their vehicle and provides them with the prudent information to make an informed buying decision. The Know Your Vehicle report empowers customers and instills a higher level of confidence in the service department.


   takes the report one step further and provides a fully interactive and more data-rich experience for the customer as follows:

· provides an interactive 3-D version of the customer’s vehicle with problem areas pinpointed that the customer can click on to find out more information about the current recommendations. Embedded links take the customer to photos of vehicle parts and an explanation of what is wrong and needs fixing.

·         Photos of the specific trouble points on the vehicle are easily sent to the customer’s personalized site through the EDGE Mobile Inspection process.

·          Video links are also provided with short videos that offer more in-depth information to help the customer better understand the recommendations.


·         The site provides a complete profile for the customer with a full history of their vehicle. It includes all previous inspection reports and declined recommendations that the customer can view.


·         If a customer owns more than one vehicle at that dealership, they can view information for both vehicles and flip between the two.


·         All Know Your Vehicle Reports are available in PDF format for customer downloads.


·         The site can be customized by each dealership with different banners, colors, and designs. can also be accessed by the service advisor from MPi’s EDGE vehicle inspection software to help better educate the customer about needed repairs and prices during the initial service visit.  It also provides the service advisor with information on the customer’s vehicle so the service advisor can give a heads-up to the vehicle owner about any previously declined service that should now be done. In this way the customer can be better prepared and does not feel ambushed by an expensive repair they may not have been expecting. 


“Customers are more inclined to agree to needed repairs if talked about up front, rather than after they have waited for an hour in the waiting room, perhaps just expecting to get an oil change,” commented David Boyle, MPi President and COO.  “Whether the service advisor sits down with the customer at the computer and goes through, or the customer accesses it at home, it takes the pressure off any sales pitch for the service advisor and helps the vehicle owner make up their own mind.  The customer can review pictures and videos in their own time, perhaps show it to their spouse and take the time to make an informed decision.  It’s a very powerful customer retention and selling tool.”

A dealership can receive a no-cost price quote and business case by contacting MPI at (888) 503-8040 or visiting MPi’s website at:



About MPi:

For more information visit:


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