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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions To Feature New Product Line-Up at NADA in Las Vegas


Fort Lauderdale, FL – January 23rd, 2012 – Booth 1415, NADA—AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions ( announced it will feature its new product line-up at NADA in Booth #1415. The products are designed to help auto dealer Internet sales departments address their biggest challenges, including staffing issues, adhering to written processes, increased competition and more. AutoUSA recently re-positioned itself, expanding beyond providing new and used Internet leads from independent auto shopping sites. They now provide solutions for increasing close rates, show rates, lowering cost-per-sale and other metrics that Internet departments frequently use to gauge Internet sales effectiveness.

“Study after study has revealed that the wide variation between dealerships’ results with leads are due more to store process than the quality of the leads,” says Phil DuPree, President of AutoUSA. “We know the leads being submitted to independent auto sites are in-market customers and our lead sources are validated within the AutoNation stores. The goal with our new product line is to help dealers reach these customers effectively, engage with them and of course increase sales.”

Products to be featured include:


AutoUSA gives dealers exposure on more than 100 of the top auto shopping sites and delivers the highest quality new and used car leads. Having developed an advanced scrubbing & validation process, an easy process for refunding, and custom area coverage, dealers can rest assured no other independent lead provider outperforms leads from AutoUSA.


ShowPro powered by HookLogic is an incentive marketing program proven to turn more leads into “shows.” It allows dealers to offer a financial incentive online to in-market customers, motivating them to visit the dealer’s showroom. ShowPro also provides dealers with territorial exclusivity, ensuring no competitive dealers will be offering the same incentive products to their customers.

PowerListings 2.0SM

PowerListings 2.0 lists all of a dealer’s inventory on Craigslist and also drives in-market customers from Craigslist to an inventory page on a dealer’s Facebook page. Designed to increase customer engagement and boost SEO rankings with the power of videos, PowerListings 2.0 provides proven ROI.

Virtual Sales Assistant (AVA)

Designed to augment efforts of Internet sales staff in auto dealerships, AVA Virtual Sales Assistant engages with customers who submit Internet leads, verifies contact information, sets phone appointments, improves accountability, and ultimately assists salespeople so they convert more leads into sales.

AVA offers much-needed help to busy Internet sales managers by keeping customers engaged and enabling sales staff to handle greater volumes of leads. Hiring AVA is similar to hiring each sales rep a personal assistant to aid in prioritizing customers to achieve higher sales.

As dealers head into 2012 one of their primary goals is to keep operations streamlined and efficient, while being able to handle increased sales volume. Investing in technology to assist with increased lead volume, competitive pricing, keeping customers engaged via social media platforms and tracking ROI of leads from every source is essential to achieving this goal. Dealerships using these new tools will achieve more Internet sales at a very favorable cost per sale (CPS).

About AutoUSA (

AutoUSA Internet Sales Solutions brings the best-in-class tools to increase Internet sales and lower costs for automotive dealerships. Leading products include Leads&ListingsSM, providing the highest quality, new and used car email and phone leads; ShowProSM incentive program, proven to turn more leads into shows; PowerListingsSM 2.0, helping dealers increase traffic to—and leads from—their social media sites; and AVA Virtual Sales Assistant, helping dealerships manage more leads at a reduced cost, adding profit to the bottom line. AutoUSA products are currently benefiting thousands of active dealers all across the U.S.

AutoUSA has more than ten years of proven success built on a foundation of superior web-based technology, excellent customer service and partnerships that include 100+ independent automotive web sites. AutoUSA is owned and operated by AutoNation, America’s largest auto retailer. For more information go to , follow us on and “Like” us on

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