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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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RedBumper Introduces Consumer SmartApp



RedBumper Introduces Consumer SmartApp; Enables Auto Dealers to Buy Inventory Directly from Consumers While Monitoring Real-Time “Price Comparison” Scan Activity


Dallas, TX – January 24, 2012RedBumper, ( a new breed automotive inventory management company, today announced that it will unveil its SmartApp at the 2012 NADA & ATD Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, NV, February 3-6.  SmartApp is the first mobile App on the market to include built in VIN and QR scanners for use by consumers. RedBumper builds these apps for its auto dealers allowing them to choose from many different template designs while seamlessly incorporating the dealer’s branding. The QR scanners allow the dealer to encourage and entice consumers to download his App in an endless variety of promotions, while the VIN scanner allows the dealer to virtually be connected in real-time to the consumer. This dynamic tool enables dealerships to be at the forefront when consumers are shopping for a vehicle or wanting to sell one they have.


The mobile SmartApp has many distinguishing features not available in any other app. First, it enables a customer to get an immediate cash offer for his vehicle from the dealer with a simple VIN scan and a click.  These consumer bid requests are sent across the company’s mobile infrastructure allowing the dealer to interact and bid for the customer’s vehicle in a matter of minutes. Second, it gives the customer a used car “Price Shopper”. A customer simply scans a vehicle he’s interested in and the App will display all the similar local listings allowing the customer to see the best price in the market.  The app issues a price challenge from the sponsoring dealer challenging the best price found by the consumer.


According to recent studies, consumers visit an average of 6 dealerships when shopping for a vehicle. The majority will have a Smartphone in hand and SmartApp places the sponsoring dealership right alongside that car buyer on any competitor’s lot, at the exact time that consumer is in the market shopping for a vehicle.


“SmartApp allows the dealer to monitor his customer’s scan activity in real-time.  For the first time a dealer can see where the customer has been shopping and what pricing he has seen prior to negotiations. There is nothing like SmartApp on the market today,” said RedBumper founder Bruce Thompson.


“Imagine being able to source inventory directly from thousands of App customers with the most efficient process in the industry.  Being able to see the thousands of daily scans executed by consumers, with all competitive pricing information they have viewed. SmartApp gives our dealers a fantastic and unique ability to proactively beat their competition by providing the consumer with a powerful tool; becoming part of the customer’s shopping process.  It has a built in dynamic push notification message center and all the bells and whistles you can dream of,” Thompson added.


Workshops will be held throughout the 2012 NADA convention to unveil the new App. To register for a workshop visit:


RedBumper was founded by Bruce Thompson, former CEO and founder of American Auto Exchange (AAX). Thompson is credited for creating and pioneering the modern day inventory tools that are broadly used in dealerships across the United States.


When AAX was acquired by JM Family Solutions in 2005 it was the management tool of choice for 4 out of the top 5 largest dealer groups in the country.  Thompson is once again introducing revolutionary tools to the industry with the launch of RedBumper, which offers tools and efficiencies that are far beyond anything available on the market today.  The tools are in high demand; RedBumper is currently installing at the rate of 100 dealerships per month.


For more information about RedBumper call:   888-339-1116      , visit, or sign up for a demonstration at NADA at:

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About RedBumper:

RedBumper is a new breed automotive inventory management company created by Bruce Thompson. Thompson is widely credited for pioneering modern day inventory management when he introduced new tools to the industry in 2001 with American Auto Exchange (AAX). RedBumper is a very powerful next generation system offered on a flexible Smartphone-centric platform, with tools that are both innovative and intuitive. Its objective is to streamline auto dealer workload by delivering a system that is simple to use and direct.  The company aims to take a new approach, offering fresh and creative tools the industry has never seen while at the same time leveraging proven technology. RedBumper prides itself for delivering ground- breaking tools that give auto dealers a significant competitive edge by being first to market. Creating the most powerful suite of tools on a flex platform allows RedBumper the opportunity to reduce much of the cluster and redundancy prevalent in current market products. It enables auto dealers to turn inventories faster while realizing more profit, month after month.


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