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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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Vehicles Turn 60% Faster Through Groundbreaking Certification Program

Recently launched SureSale Certified wins major gains for participating used car dealers: an additional 23% or $2,300 gross per vehicle on average

Venice, CA – June 19, 2012 SureSale Certified, the certified pre-owned marketing program that is changing the way used vehicles are sold, is reaping significant returns for dealers who participate in the program. Launched less than six months ago, and now available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut - with multiple market rollouts scheduled – SureSale reports that the majority of certified vehicles at participating dealerships are turning at a rate that is over 60% faster* than that of the average used vehicle. In addition, SureSale dealers are able to achieve an additional 23% or $2,300 per-vehicle gross on average. **

“Industry data indicates that OEM-certified vehicles move about 20 days faster than non-certified vehicles, but SureSale vehicles are moving even faster than that - in fact, the majority are moving nearly 30 days faster!” said Mota Motors CEO Jeffrey Schwartz.  “Unlike threadbare shrink-wrapped programs masquerading as certification programs, SureSale offers a robust, comprehensive marketing program that provides peace of mind and a premium experience for purchasers of higher mileage/longer life vehicles, while ensuring efficient, effective marketing and higher grosses for dealers. We believe this is a game-changer in an industry that leaves over 35 million uncertified and slow-to-turn vehicles on dealership lots and billions of lost dealership dollars on the table.”

Because SureSale Certified’s web-based, proprietary technology makes it unprecedentedly easy to implement vehicle certification, in addition to turning vehicles fast, SureSale dealers are certifying them fast as well. And, they are reaping benefits from SureSale’s extended protection plan: participating dealerships report that one in four customers opt in, generating an average of $1,500 in additional revenue.

The SureSale Certified program expands the range of vehicles eligible for certification on dealer lots, online marketplaces, and remarketing channels to up to 15 years old and 150K miles, providing dealers who don’t have access to manufacturer CPO programs the opportunity to differentiate their dealership by selling certified inventory; and for those with  access, it provides a certified business model that complements their existing manufacturer CPO program by extending the range of vehicles they can sell as certified.

SureSale dealer benefits also include no monthly fees or long term contract commitments; easy ‘one-click’ vehicle certification; best-in-class limited warranties and vehicle service contracts; and third-party vehicle inspections -- all of which generate greater customer and financial institution confidence, quicker inventory turn rates and more profit opportunity for the dealership.

SureSale is scheduled to launch in California in the months to come.

To learn more about becoming a SureSale Certified dealer, visit

*Based on March-May sales data, 55% of SureSale vehicles turn within 20 days. The average days in inventory for a used vehicle is 49 days ( -

**Based on analysis of SureSale vehicles'  sale price + addl. VSC revenue averages (all SureSale vehicles 5 yrs and older sold March-May) compared to averages on similar vehicles (Y/M/M) from KBB suggested values (average of wholesale + 'as-is' + retail pricing). 



About Mota Motors

Mota Motors is a leading provider of online vehicle certification and selling platforms.  Dedicated to bringing a new transparency and trust to the used car marketplace, the company enables sellers to sell with new confidence and buyers to buy with a new peace of mind.  The company's team of technology experts and automotive veterans develop solutions that take advantage of the best of the information-empowered digital marketplace.  Programs include new certification technologies such as the SureSaleTM platform, which provides used-car buyers with unmatched certification on a far wider variety of used vehicles than has ever been offered before, while providing private sellers and dealerships with a 'one-click' certification process for their vehicles.  Mota Motors is based in Venice, California.  Mota Motors was founded by Reza Bundy.


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