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Industry Press Releases

Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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AOA Supplier Digital Network Helps Dealers/Suppliers Ramp up Revenues and Efficiencies

New case study shows how Auto Sound teamed with AOA and dealerships to drive a 50% increase of in-dealership sales of Auto Sound products in just four months

Las Vegas, NV – October 30, 2012 – One year after launching, izmocars’ AOA Supplier Digital Network is generating accessories sales results for both suppliers and dealerships.  A new case study released today shows how Boston area aftermarket supplier, Auto Sound, helped dealerships selling its products leverage the AOA digital supplier network to create significant increases in sales and efficiencies, including a 50% increase of in-dealership sales of Auto Sound products in just four months.

AOA’s Digital Supplier Network is a first of its kind solution with a mission to bring the nation’s 17,000 franchise dealers and over 5,000 suppliers of accessories together all on one platform.  The network enables better coordination of real-time parts updating, pricing, ordering and installation, while also providing a visually exciting accessories purchase experience for consumers.  AOA generates, on average, $500 a copy for dealerships using the system.

Auto Sound was founded in 1971 and has nearly 300 products in its catalog. The company required dealerships selling its products to implement the AOA system and the case study demonstrates how, by working hand-in-hand with customer dealerships to fully leverage the AOA system, both Auto Sound and its dealership customers reaped significant results. Plus, Auto Sound provided its dealer customers a discount system that incentivized increased sales and made the system cost-neutral for the dealership.  And the results were rapid: within just four months, one in every three Auto Sound products was sold using the AOA system.

“With AOA, we have seen a consistent monthly revenue increase in business, allowing me to hire more staff. I can now spend more time at partner dealerships talking about my products, and training sales teams on the system, rather than creating costly print catalog updates and dealing with endless paperwork,” said Eddie Deao, regional sales manager of Auto Sound. “In a rough economy, AOA has helped my business maintain, and even increase, profit even in the midst of sluggish car sales.”

With the AOA Supplier Digital Network aftermarket suppliers can maintain their parts catalog in real-time and in living color, with up-to-the-minute updates of parts, pricing and images on the network - simply adding their own parts and packages and making them available to their dealer customers with one click. The network also makes it easier for suppliers to maintain multiple price lists for their dealers who are providing discounts on volume based purchases. Dealers use one catalog database to offer a variety of products from various suppliers to their customers, resulting in a much more efficient and effective accessories sales process. The network also offers an online scheduling tool that solves the scheduling challenges associated with complex installation coordination between multiple suppliers and the dealership’s own service center technicians.

“By far, AOA has the greatest user interface on the market. When you pull up AOA for a consumer, a picture of the vehicle comes up, and you simply add on whichever accessories they are interested in. Plus AOA adds a 3rd party element that inspires trust,” continued Deao. “Through AOA I have been able to upload my 287 product catalog to AOA for my dealership customers, and make necessary adjustments in real-time.  It has saved me thousands of phone calls a week because the dealership has everything from full catalog updates to group discounts at their fingertips.”

AddOnAuto is currently the accessories sales solution ranked #1 by dealers at, and has produced significant results for hundreds of dealers across the country over the past 3 years.

To read the full Auto Sound Case Study, click here:

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izmocars is a leading provider of Automotive Business Solutions including: Website and Online Marketing Solutions, Enterprise-level Automotive CRM, iConsult - Sales Performance Coaching and AddOnAuto - an In-Store Accessories Sales Solution.

izmocars is also the world's leader in Interactive Media Content for the automotive industry. Founded in 2002, izmocars services some of the most successful eDealers in the country.

izmocars is based in San Francisco, with offices in Long Beach, CA and Brussels in Europe.

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