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A Model T with Pink Fuzzy Dice

Digital Signage is a very complex industry with hundreds of moving parts. From Servers to Software to Monitors to the never ending world of technology, Digital Signage is not a simple business. And either is the auto industry.


The most common question a new inquiry asks is -- "What makes your system different?" In a word -- EVERYTHING.


The best way to look at what the Digital Dealership System system offers, is to look at the general image of digital signage.


Even our first foray into signage, over eight years ago - was connecting a DVD player to a Monitor and running a slideshow. This advanced to running a network over multiple locations using computers with network access. And then adding signage software that took the systems to the next level. After that, and continued till today, we continually enhance software to further expand our customer's dynamic message through dynamic signage.


Digital Signage is as much the same from brand to brand as car companies products are the same from model to model and brand to brand. That is to say, they aren't the same at all. But most people shopping don't see the intricacies of the differences that can be important.


I'm sure car dealers are trained to point out how the car is designed differently, with different warranties, different features, trims and finishes -- and while some customers care -- others simply say "it's just a car."


This happens with signage too.


It's the roll of a dealership sales person to create value in those differences and have a customer see that they are buying an experience and going to be using these features on a daily basis for years to come. A decision made now is one for a long-time.


When it comes to technology, is it best to align yourself with a technology partner at the head of the pack of innovation or one that is in the middle or behind. One that is pushing the technology envelope with unique products and services or one that gives the same product and service to every customer.


Diversity is tangible in the final solution. While there are 5-8 other digital signage players in the industry, most offer the same experience regardless of their customer. It's the same layout, same functionality, same position, same size and while it's simple -- every car dealer signage need is very different. Every car dealership is different. The goals of the stores are different. And their customers are different.


If a potential customer asks, "How can I customize my signs?" most will respond that you can login and change text or upload an image in this one space and possibly add your logo -- but not change it. The layout, structure, functionality, and 'trim' are exactly the same. Similar to customizing a Model T by hanging different color fuzzy dice from the mirror.


The Digital Dealership System offers customized digital signage solutions for EVERY dealer. Layout. Colors. Functionality. Size. Dimensions. Orientation. And much more.


A recent Nissan Customer connected their system and said --

We are watching this on a huge 70" TV. Is it possible to shrink the size of the left column, reduce the ticker and increase the size of the TV portion. We did it while on the phone with the customer.

Unique signage for their space.


When it comes to customized signage, what tools does the signage provide give you. Most -- you get nothing. Maybe some videos and text boxes, but what else? Not much -- we've seen them all.


The Digital Dealership System preloads each system with over 200 choices for ticker backgrounds. That's just the ticker. Coupons, that you can add your own text and video to. Social Media that isn't just a link, but shows updated, live content from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And dealership customers can even create their own content mixing video, text and over 20 components into one resource for a truly dynamic customized sign.


Digitizing a dealership doesn't end with signage. Our latest endeavors include touch-screen kiosks that can be used for inventory, tires, car builder, purchase estimator, and much more. Each touch-screen kiosk is customized for the dealership providing branding opportunities and our exclusive screensaver application.


Keeping your brand in front of your customers in the store just became easier with the release of our tablet application that provides a customized browsing experience for dealers -- while increasing customer service. Give a tablet to your customers knowing that it is locked down and can't be manipulated. That the system is easy to work with and shows your dealership advertising while they are browsing the internet. See More Here


And if that wasn't enough, we've created a custom system for those dealerships that have Internet Cafes. The screensaver application will replace the flying toasters of the past with your dealership messages and when the mouse moves, the customer is greeted with a full browsing experience with your banner ads while they browse. All managed through our remote management software. It's easy -- using current dealership computers or utilizing a brand new system with state of the art computers. See More Here


When searching for a digital signage company -- think about a solution -- think about the future and when it's time to #getdigital, give us a call. The Digital Dealership System -- Digitizing your Dealership.

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