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Industry Press Releases

Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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NADA 2014 Workshop Gives Dealers the Inside Track on Ramping up Retention and Revenue with Accessories Marketing

“Market Beyond the Ordinary with Accessories” presented by auto industry veteran and expert Sidney Haider provides new strategies for leveraging accessories as a retention lure while honing social media strategies


San Francisco, CA – October 21, 2013 –Sidney Haider, president of AddOnAuto (AOA), has been selected by the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) to present a workshop on new strategies for leveraging accessories sales to retain dealership customers, at the New Orleans, LA Convention Center, January 24 -26, 2014. Haider’s presentation, based on proven best practices implemented in hundreds of dealerships, will help dealerships solve the communication gap between vehicle purchase and first service visit through targeted accessories communications.  


“Utilizing accessories as a retention tool in the six-month window when a customer’s love affair with his/her car is still in bloom, but the dealership has nothing to message other than standard service reminders, is working in dealerships across the country,” said Haider. “The strong appeal of accessories is a perfect driver for staying in touch and expanding customer outreach. With accessories sales, dealers can truly market beyond the ordinary to ramp up loyalty and profits!”


In addition to basic truths on how dealerships can increase accessories revenue, the workshop offers new strategies for retaining customers after they have purchased their vehicle, but before the standard six-month service reminder.  Plus, the workshop includes a proven primer on how to turn customers into dealership evangelists on social media and how smart accessories marketing can help dealerships leap up the Google results ladder and keep customers coming back.


Haider’s workshop will also cover the following:


  • How to time and implement effective retention e-mails and mailers using accessories. 
  • How to prepare accessory scripts to re-engage “just purchased” customers.
  • Identifying the best, most relevant, and most popular accessories to capture customers.
  • Formulating an accessories strategy that differentiates a given dealership from online accessory retailors.
  • How to  ‘accessorize’ a given dealerships brand to stand out in the online marketplace
  • Key strategies for helping dealerships compete with Amazon, e-Bay, and others leading in the search engines.


Haider has over 22 years of broad-based experience in retail automotive Internet sales, dealership management, marketing, and business development. He is renowned for his revolutionary processes and practices for increasing accessories sales in dealerships, and has traveled the country helping hundreds of dealerships diversify revenues and increase profits with his streamlined approach to accessories sales that improves, integrates and streamlines the entire process across dealership departments and sales teams. For many dealerships that have used these best practices, accessories sales at least doubled, tripled, and even grew thirteen-fold. In fact, the most recent report issued by AOA showed that dealers implementing Haider’s practices and accessories technology increase accessories revenue by an average of $500 per copy with average gross profits of 53.5%.


The 75-minute workshop titled “Market Beyond the Ordinary with Accessories,” will be presented at the New Orleans, LA Convention Center. The workshop will be presented on the following dates and times:


First Session:                Friday, January 24 at 2:00 pm (Room 224)

Second Session:           Saturday, January 25 at 10:30 am (Room 281-282)

Third Session:              Sunday, January 26 at 3:30 pm (Room 281-282)


Sponsored by NADA University, the workshop is part of the NADA Parts track. Attendees will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis, and requires no additional registration. To learn more about this workshop, and to register for NADA 2014, please visit


About AddOnAuto

AddOnAuto (AOA) is an in-store accessories sales technology that helps dealerships effortlessly sell accessories within their dealership, and streamlines what was once a cumbersome, arduous (and unprofitable) task for dealers, producing significant results for hundreds of dealers across the country over the past 3 years. AOA has demonstrated that accessories sales are an excellent source of added – and diversified – dealer income: dealers using the AOA product average $500 in accessories sales per new vehicle sold, and closed over 50% of the customers who were presented with accessories, reaping an average gross profit of 53.5%.

To learn more about the AddOnAuto Digital Dashboard, please visit:


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