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Dealer Authority Acquires Equity Stake in Automotive Reputation Management Firm

Digital marketing firm Dealer Authority has bought into the philosophies of eReputatitionBuilder, as well as buying into the company itself.

February 24, 2014

Reputation management and social media marketing go hand-in-hand in the automotive industry as car dealers are finding that online buzz can drive business if it’s positive, or detract from business if it’s negative. To further promote this concept, Dealer Authority has purchased a significant interest in eReputationBuilder, an innovator in the automotive reputation management arena.

The deal maintains controlling interest with eReputationBuilder founder and CEO Peter “Webdoc” Martin, but adds Dealer Authority as a managing partner.

“JD Rucker is the Auto Industry’s foremost authority on Social Media and SEO and his involvement will take the product to a new level and provide our clients by leveraging the power of online reputation to increase SEO and drive more traffic which ultimately generates more sales," said Martin.

Dealer Authority specializes in automotive digital promotions with social media marketing and search engine optimization at the forefront of their services. By adding reputation management to the mix, President and founder JD Rucker hopes to “clean up” a portion of the industry that poses risks to car dealers.

“The vast majority of reputation management services available to the automotive industry are smoke and mirrors,” Rucker said. “It was important to find the company I felt offered services that would work today and will continue to work tomorrow when the nefarious methodologies that some of the other companies utilize are finally exposed as unfruitful and dangerous. That company is eRepBuilder.”

Sentiment filtering is the biggest concern with most automotive reputation management services. Companies like Google and Yelp frown on the standard practice of emailing customers to find out whether they are happy or not before sending a second email that only allows them to leave online reviews if they responded positively to the first. This filtering process is against the terms of service for most review sites and is considered unethical by many consumers.

“True reputation management is about communicating with customers and finding out how to make their experience amazing,” Rucker continues. “We looked at several services during our search for partners and eRepBuilder was the only one we found that did not put dealers at risk when the hammer drops on filtering. The ability to integrate reputation into search engine optimization is the other big factor in our decision, but more on that soon.”

Rucker will be participating in day-to-day operations at eReputationBuilder and is currently in negotiations with Martin to establish a long-term strategy for the partnership.


About Dealer Authority 
Taking a holistic approach to automotive digital marketing, Dealer Authority strives to bring the three most powerful components of a dealership’s online presence – search, social, and content – and make them work together. The concept of “the whole being greater than the sum of the parts” is a driving force in building a comprehensive system that gives car dealers the juice they need to dominate their competitors in today’s aggressive atmosphere.

About eReputationBUILDER 
This enterprise solution is designed to proactively build, enhance and manage your company’s online reputation. Created to boost positive online reviews and stop negative reviews from being published to the web, eReputationBUILDER leverages Cactus Sky’s expertise in email deliverability and incorporates mobile-friendly video email to further increase response rates. eReputationBUILDER encourages customers with complaints to voice their experience using our “Not Satisfied” button and routes those negative reviews directly to dealership management and provides the opportunity to respond before permanent damage can be done to your business and your reputation. Strategically designed campaigns promote authentic, positive reviews and increase your “Google Juice” via direct links to the most influential review sites. The best of both worlds, eReputationBUILDER has proven an invaluable tool for businesses to protect and promote their reputation while enhancing their online visibility and developing real customer relationships. With easy to monitor comprehensive reporting and an unmatched inbox placement, eReputationBUILDER is an irreplaceable tool that delivers results.

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