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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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Recall Masters Launches Rambo; New Platform Revolutionizes Recall Marketing Industry for Auto Dealers

Rambo Drives More Sales & Service Revenue to Auto Dealers

From Vehicle Owners Motivated by Factory Recalls

San Francisco, -- May 26, 2015 -- Recall Masters, Inc., today announced the launch of Rambo, a revolutionary new platform that offers the most complete recall marketing program available for auto dealers. Rambo attracts new customers every month and enables auto dealers to effectively drive more sales and service revenue from vehicle owners motivated by factory recalls. According to CARFAX’s annual research, more than 46 million cars nationwide have at least one safety recall that’s never been fixed. Rambo is a cost-effective platform that markets to these consumers and brings in new customers for far less than what most auto dealers are currently paying.

Rambo markets dealer sales and service in a whole new way. Unlike conventional prospecting programs, it harnesses the sense of urgency associated with vehicle recalls to attract vehicle owners with open recalls into a dealership.

“With Rambo we create opportunities to attract new customers, generate more revenue from recall repairs, upsell service based on vehicle maintenance and convert higher mileage and older vehicles into new car sales for our auto dealer clients.  Dealers can begin welcoming new customers in just two weeks,” said Chris Miller, President of Recall Masters.

Rambo interfaces directly with OEMs to perform batch recall lookups by VIN. It learns which mandatory recalls are performed, unperformed, or expired and oftentimes what involuntary recalls exist for a specific VIN.  Recall Masters also supplements and verifies its VIN‐recall match process through VIN decoding and direct updates using NHTSA/ODI flat file databases and OEM TSB’s, as provided and regularly updated by the OEMs and NHTSA.  In this way, it obtains the complete Recall Description, Recall Consequence, NHTSA Code, and OEM Code for every NHTSA‐mandated recall. 

Recall Masters offers exclusive marketing areas. Auto dealers can choose a preferred marketing area by zip code and gain exclusive marketing privileges to VINs in the selected area. Only one dealer at a time is authorized to contact a vehicle owner.  Recall Masters’ proprietary system filters and ranks recalls to identify only the most motivated owners and most profitable recalls based on consumer safety, labor value, vehicle age, mileage and total service profitability. Each dealer receives only unperformed, non-expired recalls on vehicles eligible for service.

Once a dealership determines their target area, a two touch marketing program is used that increases conversion with response rates far higher than direct mail alone. First, VIN-specific recall mailers are scheduled to go out every two weeks. The custom branded pieces are mailed to all past and current recalls for all the leading manufacturers, not serviced by any other dealership, and tailored to exclude nuisance and sticker recalls. The eye-catching recall reminder is sent via “top of stack” delivery First-Class Mail. It includes a clear call to action to schedule an appointment with the dealership using a toll-free tracking number. Then the dealership reaches out to vehicle owners by phone, using the numbers provided by Recall Masters, as an added reminder to visit the dealership for their recall service.

When a customer calls in to inquire about a recall, Rambo ensures a fast and efficient process, making it easy for the dealership to look up the recall by vehicle VIN. It ensures all the information is immediately to hand to quickly answer any questions and service the customer. What used to be a 10-15 minute process has now become a 1-2 minute phone call.

“The problem is that the OEM recall process is highly inefficient. And not only that -- once a new recall is announced, OEMs focus on this ‘shiny new toy,’ and old customers get lost. Whereas we hope that going forward recalls will slow down and dealers get a chance to catch up. And that is where Rambo can truly help dealers kick into action and slaughter the market and any competition -- both the independents and other dealerships. With Rambo we truly are the dealership’s partner in success. In fact, we do practically everything except greet the customer,” said Miller.

For a free list count of open recalls in your dealerships area, please visit:, or call: 888-651-4480.

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About Recall Masters:

Recall Masters is a leading provider of recall marketing programs and automotive services marketing. Its stated mission is to enhance the reputation and relationships of automobile manufacturers, local dealerships and consumers by demonstrating world‐class customer service and repairing every recalled vehicle in the United States. Based out of San Francisco, CA, the company offers a complimentary initial list count. The team includes dedicated account managers and automotive marketing consultants who are available to answer any questions.

gregg hayim

Hi all- is this product still available? cant find it anywhere online


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