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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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Flick Fusion Selected as Preferred Video Marketing Provider for DealerPeak's Full-System CRM and Website Solutions

Flick Fusion's analytics to integrate seamlessly with DealerPeak's Cyber Sonar, allowing auto dealers to track video performance & user behavior in their CRM 

Urbandale, IA--June 1st, 2015--Flick Fusion ( announced today it has been selected as the preferred video marketing provider for DealerPeak's full system CRM, website and desking solutions. Auto dealerships that use DealerPeak solutions will have the option to access the entire FlickFusion video marketing platform, providing them with a fully integrated solution for all their video marketing needs. Flick Fusion's advanced analytics will integrate seamlessly with DealerPeak's CRM and website solutions, allowing auto dealers to track video performance and user behavior from within the CRM.


"Many dealers like the idea of having videos but without fully integrated analytics, it's difficult to track and compare views, clicks, leads and appointments in the same way other marketing analytics can be measured," said Brian Cox, President and CEO of Flick Fusion. "Our API communicates with DealerPeak's system, providing a richer video experience for the user and information for the CRM so the dealer can literally see who is watching what."


"In order to generate that click from the consumer, dealers need to have as much high-quality content surrounding their in-stock vehicles as possible," said Jock Schowalter, President of DealerPeak. "Having video translates into more consumer engagement, better conversion ratios and longer site visit time. It's becoming one of the must-have components of a good website."


DealerPeak chose Flick Fusion's video marketing platform because of its ability to integrate with its CRM and website solutions, as well as Flick Fusion's high-quality production videos and automated distribution network. When a dealership uploads video or chooses to use stock footage from the Flick Fusion platform, custom-branded videos automatically created and distributed across dozens of websites; including the dealership's Facebook inventory page, YouTube channel and third-party listing sites.

Analytics from every distribution point--not just a dealership's website--will also be available in the CRM. "The ability to make this type of customer information available is a real game changer," said Schowalter. "Imagine if your dealership gets a lead and a week later a salesperson has marked it as 'could not contact'. Then you get notified instantly, in real-time, that lead has been watching videos on a third-party site. That gives you the insight to open that line of communications again."

In addition to fully integrated analytics, Flick Fusion's video marketing platform offers auto dealers the following additional benefits:

  • Automates video production process with custom-branded videos
  • Video search results on keywords increase organic SEO rankings
  • Drives traffic to dealership websites and increases conversion rates
  • Videos for every marketing need; including inventory, video emails and more
  • Viewable on all mobile devices
  • Platform agnostic


DealerPeak's integrated CRM and website solution offers dealers a powerful benefit; the system takes demographic information from the CRM and uses it to personalize each customer's experience on the dealership's website. Dealers get more than just analytics, they get actual names of customers and what they're doing on their website as they do it.


For more information, contact DealerPeak at (888) 289-9841 or Flick Fusion at (800) 247-2502.


About DealerPeak (

DealerPeak was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing automotive dealerships better technology solutions at lower costs while providing superior results. DealerPeak is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and has hundreds of dealer clients throughout the United States. DealerPeak solutions include CRM, websites, chat, desking, digital marketing, SEO and transactional websites that work seamlessly on a unified web-based platform. This allows our dealers to reduce their number of vendors and drive their cost of doing business down. DealerPeak is also a proud member of the Toyota TDDS Dealer Website Program.

DealerPeak also has a separate division for its online negotiation product called WideStorm. To find out more about online negotiation for automotive dealers visit

About FlickFusion (

Flick Fusion specializes in creating, managing, and distributing dynamic and cost-effective online and mobile video products. Each video is designed to help dealerships reach and engage with customers, delivering rich content that results in increased sales and ROI. Flick Fusion produces video content for more than 3,000 dealerships and more than a dozen reseller partners. For more information, visit

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