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Premier Solutionz Uses Flick Fusion's Live Video Walk Arounds to Help Auto Dealers Increase Website Visitors, Leads and Sales

Urbandale, IA--July 27th, 2015--Flick Fusion ( announced today that Premier Solutionz, a leading provider of lot service and inventory management services to auto dealerships in Colorado, is using its Live Video Walk Arounds to help auto dealers increase website visitors, leads and sales.


One of Premier Solutionz' clients is Tynan's Nissan and Tynan's Volkswagen in the greater Denver area. In January 2014, Tynan's Nissan was averaging 7,000 website visitors and 150 sales leads per month. The dealership implemented a new SEO strategy that included live video walk-arounds provided by Premier Solutionz via the Flick Fusion video marketing platform. In June 2015, Tynan's Nissan received 24,985 website visitors (a 250 percent increase) and 678 website sales leads (a 350 percent increase). Tynan's Volkswagen saw similar results, and during the month of June, both dealerships received more than 3,600 video views of inventory on their websites and on YouTube.


"Watch a stitched video and then watch a full live walk-around side by side...the reason why it works is painfully obvious," said Shean Kirin, Owner/Operator of Kirin Consulting, the marketing partner that spearheaded Tynans' new digital strategy. "These videos are a solid part of an SEO strategy that has put the Tynans' stores at the top of the pack in our hyper competitive market." Both Tynan dealerships own the #1 Google organic rankings for almost every new car make/model/city search in the Denver area; and, since these changes, Tynans' has become the #1 volume Nissan and Volkswagen dealership in Colorado.


Jodi Starke is the founder and President of Premier Solutionz, the vendor responsible for shooting video footage for Tynans' dealerships live video walk-arounds. "Posting a video for every vehicle on their website has really improved the user experience and increased stickiness, with users staying longer on the site," said Starke. "One of the greatest advantages of the Flick Fusion inventory videos is they drive more traffic and leads to a dealer's website from YouTube and third-party car shopping websites, because Google ranks videos high in their search results."


In addition to traditional lot service and inventory management services, Premier Solutionz offers Craigslist marketing and digital marketing services to its clients. Two years ago Starke began researching video inventory solutions. "Video marketing is the next big thing and the future of the car business," said Starke.

"Having live videos of your inventory on YouTube and third-party car shopping sites is like having a billboard on Google for every vehicle on your lot." 


Starke chose Flick Fusion as the video marketing vendor for Premier Solutionz primarily because of their willingness to make modifications for her dealer clients. "We customize a great deal for our clients," said Starke. "What we love about Flick Fusion is we can speak to them directly about an idea, and they're always willing to work with us. I work with a lot of different vendors and they're easily one of the best to work with and most receptive to custom requests."


The Flick Fusion video marketing platform is highly automated, making it easy for the Premier Solutionz representatives to produce and upload live video walk arounds. To ensure the highest quality videos for her clients, Starke invested in good cameras with image stabilization. "We tried iPhones at first but the videos were sub-standard and too bouncy," she said.


The Premier Solutionz photographers have a set process they follow for the video shoots. "We teach them how to stage the vehicle in a certain way, and to zoom in on the top-selling features such as heated seats and navigation systems," said Starke. The photographers then upload each video to the Flick Fusion marketing platform. Flick Fusion offers computer-generated voiceovers but Starke prefers to have a live voice talent record custom vehicle comments and point out the top features for each vehicle. The entire process takes 24 to 48 hours, at which point the live video walk around videos replace the temporary, stitched inventory videos.


Flick Fusion's distribution process is fully automated, instantly pushing out and posting the completed videos on the dealership's website, mobile site, Facebook page, YouTube,, and other third-party sites the dealership has listings with. Flick Fusion's video marketing platform also makes it simple to automatically incorporate overlays, marketing and branding messages on the dealership's behalf.


Starke says that more of her clients are beginning to show interest in the live video walk arounds. "Right now the main objection is the higher price point versus stitched videos, but once you understand the value of having the increased product visibility, SEO, more traffic to your site and people spending more time on your site, it becomes an obvious asset to a strong Internet department," she said. Of the auto dealers who have signed up for Premier Solutionz live walk around videos, none have returned to the stitched video option.


"Ultimately for the dealer it comes down to how many more cars can you sell," said Starke. "For Tynan's Nissan and my other clients who have embraced these higher quality walk around videos, they are happy with the ROI that live videos deliver."


To learn more about Premier Solutionz' experience with Flick Fusion, watch this video on the Car News Network. For more information, call Flick Fusion at (800) 247-2502.


About Premier Solutionz


Premier Solutionz is a leading provider of lot photography and inventory management services to auto dealerships in Colorado and Wyoming. For more information, visit their website @ / 

About Kirin Consulting


Kirin Consulting is an industry expert in digital marketing for the automotive space. As a boutique firm, they oversee all aspects of digital advertising remotely for dealerships less versed in digital marketing, giving them an edge on their competition. For more information please call (720) 988 2277.


About Flick Fusion


Flick Fusion specializes in creating, managing, and distributing dynamic and cost-effective online and mobile video products. Through its automated video marketing platforms, Flick Fusion offers the automotive industry's only “completely integrated” video solution that incorporates real-time rule/behavior based content based upon a car shopper's activity. Each video is designed to help dealerships reach and engage with customers, delivering increased sales and ROI. Flick Fusion produces video content for more than 3,000 dealerships and more than a dozen reseller partners. For more information, their website at /


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