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Joe Orr Leaves Beloved 25 Year Career as Top Auto Dealership GM To Pursue Online Deal Creation as DealerSuccess CEO

                                         Orr quits 35 years in automotive retail –

25 as Honda Store GM at #1 dealer group in Washington State

9ff42bc35a4604ae31c738a72a6b1414.jpg?t=1Vancouver WA—AUGUST 3, 2015 -- After 35 highly-successful years, automotive industry powerhouse, Joe Orr, has left the world of automotive retail to follow his passion. Orr is now the CEO of DealerSuccess, an automotive industry marketing/branding company. He has joined the team full-time to help build it into a tech heavyweight, with the launch of VirtualDeal, an Online Deal Creator for the consumer that uses an innovative perfect payment DMS-integrated technology.

Orr spent the last 25 years at Dick Hannah Dealerships, where he redefined the role of a General Manager in the 21st century. He helped build the group, and its Honda dealership, into one of the largest in the North West. While working as GM, Orr served on the creative team with DealerPeak to totally re-create and re-brand their Online Deal Creation tool for his Honda store. He fell in love with the product and decided to leave automotive retail so as to further develop this tool (now Virtual Deal) for use in auto dealerships. Orr now works with his team at DealerSuccess to offer consulting and other revolutionary products that are meaningful to both dealerships and consumers.

As a true entrepreneur and visionary, Orr is addicted to opportunity and can always be found on the forefront of new technology. He is a driving force in progressive digital initiatives and a strong advocate for winning dealership solutions and processes that, if followed, ensure success.

“How can it be possible that I would leave a job I LOVE after 25 years? The fact is that I have always liked to be ahead of the curve and today’s customers are rewarding evolving dealerships that offer true Online Deal Creation with real perfect payment – where all that is left is the test drive. Don’t believe this can be done? Well, I am convinced that it can – and the results prove it,” said Orr.

“Through my yearlong research, studying live dealerships, and with actual implementation of Virtual Deal on the Dick Hannah Honda website, I am 100 percent convinced that this technology produces spectacular results. I have never seen a conversion tool dominate like Virtual Deal,” Orr added.

Orr’s coaching style of management allowed his Honda team to embrace, learn and succeed -not just with great tools - but with strong process & accountability procedures. “Every new product, service, tool we implemented required a unified vision, a strong written process and daily accountability. Now I get to share that with my dealer partners nationwide through DealerSuccess,” Orr said.

A well-known and in demand speaker, Orr has engaged audiences at the JD Power Internet Roundtable, Driving Sales Executive Summit, and at past Digital Dealer conferences, to name a few.

Embarking on a new journey after 35-years in retail automotive, Orr will continue to share his wealth of automotive retail experience, side-by-side with his wife, Kim Orr and her team, at the already thriving DealerSuccess. The first product DealerSuccess introduced to the auto industry was CloudEngage, an auto dealer website solution that, through sophisticated Internet geofencing technology, identifies shoppers’ locations and delivers targeted messaging via the dealer’s websites.

“I’m excited for this next chapter of my life, in an industry I am so passionate about. I look forward to sharing hard data, analysis and the amazing results that I have seen from Virtual Deal and our other products – results that I have never before seen in all my 35 years in the auto industry,” Orr stated.

For more information, or to schedule a demo, call: 855-568-4140 email or visit:

About DealerSuccess:

DealerSuccess is a team of inspired and passionate automotive executives, dealership Internet directors and professional marketers that seek out, research, test and launch revolutionary automotive products that have the potential to evolve and disrupt automotive for both the consumer and DealerSuccess’ auto dealer partners.

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