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AutoLoop Helps Drive 90-Day, $171,000 Service Lift for New York Honda Dealership

CLEARWATER, FL – August 10, 2015 – AutoLoop, LLC, a leading provider of auto industry marketing and customer relationship management solutions, today announced that Curry Honda Yorktown has produced a 90-Day Service Lift of $171,000 through the use of AutoLoop’s Customer Engagement Suite, bringing new levels of service marketing and fixed operations profitability to the dealership.

Curry Honda Yorktown is one of 10 dealerships operated by Curry Automotive. The company uses several of AutoLoop’s Customer Engagement Suite tools, including Essentials service marketing and Book service productivity software. As a result, the dealership has seen:

  • A 76-percent boost in service technician productivity
  • A 119-percent service retention gain
  • $171,000 incremental revenue from one recent 90-day service marketing campaign.

Brian McLenithan, Curry Automotive’s Fixed Operations Director, found AutoLoop in 2011 while searching for ideas to help improve the overall efficiency and profitability of his department. “Once I saw all the service department functionality, performance and management reporting that AutoLoop offered, the decision to sign up was a no-brainer,” he said.

As an example, McLenithan points to a recent period (from January 2015 through Memorial Day)where he scheduled Essentials to automatically send six email campaigns to customers—either as targeted recipients or general distributions—with striking results:

  • $48,215 from scheduled maintenance
  • $43,451 from recovered customers
  • $35,710 from capture of prior declined services
  • $44,509 from state-required vehicle inspections

Essentials enables McLenithan to automatically attach up to three digital coupons to each e-mail. The Memorial Day “Hot Days, Hot Deals” campaign, for example, offered special pricing on an oil change, free tire rotation and free service drive alignment check to 6,000 targeted customers. An attached coupon for a discounted wheel alignment could be applied to that service if an alignment was found necessary.

“We had a 10.5 percent response rate to that mailer—more than 630 click-through service schedules or phone calls,”McLenithan said. “That single email offer resulted in more than $26,000 in additional repair order dollars.”

Curry Honda uses Essentials to automatically communicate service reminders, missed appointment notices, birthday greetings and more. The software also lets the dealership target its emails: a recent campaign, for example, reached out to Honda owners with an outstanding recall, inviting them to bring their vehicles into Curry Honda to complete that service. In many cases the dealership retained business from those owners even if the initial purchase wasn’t from Curry.

Curry Honda is now writing100 to 125 repair orders a day—which could lead to logistics problems. But the dealership uses AutoLoop Book to capture and schedule these appointments automatically. Book provides a variety of benefits to the service department, including:

  • Online scheduling: Generates 30 percent of Curry’s service appointments; McLenithan attributes the rate to ongoing service marketing that drives customers to the online scheduler.
  • Service ledger: Provides dashboards and filters to help advisors monitor lane appointment activities in real time.
  • Alerts and reminders: Sends phone calls, texts and email messages to appointments resulting in fewer no-shows.
  • Customer web portal: Gives customers 24/7 online access to their service histories, OEM maintenance recommendations, good/better/best service menu options and more.
  • Capacity management: Helps service managers schedule service based on technician availabilities, skill levels and/or appointments set.
  • Mobile scheduling: Delivers greater convenience and on-the-go scheduling for busy customers.

Prior to Book, Curry’s scheduling—including customer, service advisor and technician management—was highly inefficient. “Advisors used to take appointments by phone and schedule them wherever they could through the DMS. Basically, they were shoving appointments into that scheduler without regard to time slots. At the time, it was common to see cars 18 to 20 deep waiting to get into service. It was insane, and I knew I had to find a better way,” McLenithan said.

Book allows me to set specific appointment time parameters for when advisors can schedule customers,” he explained. “This scheduling organization has streamlined the drive, helped us sell more service and increased overall productivity and customer satisfaction. The dispatcher is no longer riding our technicians to move onto the next job.”

Since Curry Honda Yorktown began using Book, its technicians’ bay time is properly scheduled. “Before Book, we did just what was on the repair order: we had no time for anything else,” McLenithan said. “Now our technicians have the right block of time to thoroughly service and inspect vehicles.

“Productivity has gone through the roof. We’ve experienced increases from 85 percent productivity to 150 percent—and in some cases even more—because the technicians are now in their bays working, not running to parts or to advisors.”

Advisors are more productive, as well. “We’re seeing incredible performance lifts from advisors. Book frees them to perform proper walkarounds and inspections, spend more time with their customers, and present an upsell proposition where appropriate,” McLenithan said.

Part of this improved capability, McLenithan noted, can be credited to the use of Smart Lane, AutoLoop’s easy-to-use mobile service check-in tool. Advisors now approach customers with an iPad that—through the SmartLane application—shows complete customer and vehicle data. Customer response to the technology has been favorable.

SmartLane has everything, even a tool for measuring tire depth. Customers are impressed when an advisor can check their tires and immediately print a measurement report. McLenithan went on to explain how SmartLane enables advisors to show customers good/better/best service menus to help with upsell. The application can also print or email a nice presentation package with a list of recommended services, both purchased and declined. “Customers tell me that our use of technology places Curry Honda Yorktown beyond anyone else,”McLenithan added.

McLenithan reports that customer retention has improved as well. “Service retention was 22.6 percent in 2011 when we started with AutoLoop,” he said, “and today this store is at 49.6 percent. I attribute that to our people using these tools.”

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