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Industry Press Releases

Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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Upcoming Webinar: Show with Your Showroom, Sell with Your Website

Upcoming Webinar: Show with Your Showroom, Sell with Your Website

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Tips for Leaving a Voicemail

Tips for Leaving a Voicemail

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Keeping the In-Person Touch While Selling Cars in the Digital Age

Keeping the In-Person Touch While Selling Cars in the Digital Age

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Akio Toyoda Announces e-Palette Future for Toyota, It’s More than a Concept "Vehicle"

Akio Toyoda Announces e-Palette Future for Toyota, It’s More than a Concept "Vehicle"

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Trust Isn't Limited to Just Offering Pricing & Services Online

Trust Isn't Limited to Just Offering Pricing & Services Online

Trust is imperative as it offers the customer the peace of mind that they have made the right decision regarding the servicing of their vehicle. And while …

CreditMiner’s Don O’Neill to Present Two Sessions to Auto Dealers at Digital Dealer 19

Auto Industry Veteran will Share Best practices on Selling Vehicles in Service Lane and

Using Big Data to Dominate the Market

DOWNERS GROVE, IL., September 8, 2015, CreditMiner, the auto industry’s only real-time solution provider that pre-qualifies and pre-screens automotive consumers on Experian, TransUnion and Equifax credit bureau platforms, today announced that  General Manager/ Managing Partner, Don O’Neill, will present two sessions at the Digital

d4d825931784231be50974e1f6b6878a.jpg?t=1 Dealer 19 Conference and Exposition, October 5-7, 2015, in Las Vegas, NV.

O’Neill’s first session, “Service Lane Salvation: The Key to Turning Your Service Lane into Your Second Showroom” will be held Wednesday, October 7, at 10:00 am. According to O’Neill, auto dealers today know there is opportunity in the service lane, but just don’t know where to start. “Whether the starting point is process, procedure, or software, this session will give dealers real world tools to take back and successfully implement immediately to generate additional sales and profitability directly out of their service lane efforts,” O’Neill stated.

Attendees will learn:

• How to start a service lane sales process from scratch.

• How to utilize the sales talent that they have right now, and generate immediate results.

• How to “change and engage” from a sales pitch to a value proposition

O’Neill’s second session,Data Driven Decisions, Data Driven Sales. The Future of Big Data Marketing is here, and it’s Not Going Anywhere,” will be held Tuesday, October 6, at 1:30 pm, presented in partnership with Dave Page, current owner and director of Dealer E Process, an award-winning website solutions company out of Chicago.

Big Data has been a recent catchphrase in the automotive industry. This session will show dealers how to use Big Data, but also how Big Data is transforming the way auto dealers market, sell and operate on a daily basis.

Attendees will learn:

• How utilizing Big Data today can make a dealership the dominant player in its PMA.
• That there is no secret sauce to understanding customers, the real story lies within the data.
• How dealerships can leverage big data to project sales and profitability to the unit, and the penny.

“In today’s retail automotive environment, any edge a dealership can get places it one step closer to ensuring profitability. At CreditMiner, we are operators. Former Fixed Op Directors, Dealer Principals, Platform Managers, GMs and GSMs. So every product we create is designed to deliver a tool that assists our dealers to gain a distinct advantage, sell the unit, and remain profitable in each transaction,” said O’Neill.  “Because we help dealers in both sales and service, I am excited to share valuable best practices with attendees at Digital Dealer 19. These conferences are a great venue for learning the latest and greatest tools and technology to boost sales and profitability.”

O’Neill has held every management position under the retail automotive rooftop,  has vast dealership operational experience and has guided the development of the software that is utilized as the foundation for CreditMiner’s suite of solutions, both Enterprise and retail. He leverages the utilization of technology, data, and sound sales processes to each product. Bringing the perspective of a Dealer/Operator, he has always viewed products from both a needs analysis, and conversion to sale accountability model.  He has spoken at numerous automotive industry conferences and is in high demand due to his unique industry perspective. O’Neill provides highly usable content that auto dealers can immediately implement in their dealerships to increase sales and profitability.

CreditMiner is the automotive industry’s only real-time pre-screen, pre-qualification, and credit bureau reseller that gives auto dealers access to TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax pre-screen and pre-qualification bureau data. Its proprietary BASIS2 software platform provides the industry with permissible bureau data such as up to 5 auto loan summaries, current payment data, auto loan balances, cosigner participation, and revolving debt data. CreditMiner gives its franchise dealers a true credit snapshot of its prospect, allowing dealers to match the right car, to the right customer, with the right financing, every time.

For more information visit booth #523 at Digital Dealer 19, call: 817-213-7042, or visit

About CreditMiner:

CreditMiner is a credit-centric data provider to the automobile industry. It provides both hard inquiry and application compliance and is the only real-time pre-screen and pre-qualification technology re-seller representing all 3 major credit bureaus. Auto dealers can complete a vehicle finance transaction within CreditMiner’s BASIS platform while never collecting SS# or DOB. Its proprietary database of over 200 million consumers allows dealers to utilize big data to precisely target consumers, while providing a road map for engagement specific to each individual consumer they engage and their current economic situation.

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