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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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VirtualDeal Wins 2015 DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award

34dd2274d2b7901363c29c1d6ed26745.jpg?t=1VirtualDeal from DealerSuccess selected by auto dealers as Most Innovative Dealership Solution at seventh annual DrivingSales Executive Summit

Vancouver, WA and Salt Lake City, UT – October 28, 2015 VirtualDeal has been named the winner of the 2015 DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award for the Most Innovative Dealership Solution of 2015.  VirtualDeal was selected by a panel of dealers from a competitive field of dealership solutions from over 60 applications, marking it the most competitive year-to-date. The award was presented in Las Vegas on October 20th at the sold-out DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) attended by over 1,000 dealers and industry professionals

“I am very fortunate to work with such a great team at VirtualDeal and delighted that dealers have chosen VirtualDeal as the Most Innovative Dealership Solution,” said Joe Orr, DealerSuccess CEO. “I have seen firsthand that this technology produces results like nothing else and mainly because of massive consumer demand. I know all of the questions. Will I lose profit on the front-end or the back-end? Can a deal really be finalized – payment perfect – online so that all that remains is the test drive? How does this benefit my dealership? Well, with VirtualDeal, our dealer partners enjoy a nice increase in website leads without any additional traffic and a much higher percent of shown appointments close -- I have never seen any customer adoption like this in my 35-year career. Working a deal with a customer at home is definitely a new skillset – but after you really look at it and look at our training offering, I think you will agree that you will pick up market share by using VirtualDeal. It is a vital tool in building consumer confidence and trust. VirtualDeal also helps build that human relationship that, in our opinion, will never be replaced by cold mechanical solutions.”

VirtualDeal is an Online Deal Creator for the consumer that uses an innovative perfect payment DMS-integrated technology. Auto dealers are currently getting up to an additional 46 percent of website leads with VirtualDeal and closing a much higher percentage of the shown appointments. It is a simple plug-in to an auto dealership’s existing website and works as follows:  A customer can select a vehicle, click the VirtualDeal button and complete their entire deal from home. Customers are able to get multiple lease/payment options, trade value, financing and fees, and reserve their vehicle for up to 24 hours. VirtualDeal creates perfect payments that both the dealer and consumer can get behind and has an integrated customer follow-up system with full accountability reporting. Direct DMS integration allows for deal push and accurate ROI.

“I feel that some OEMs may be moving towards a mechanical online buying solution; taking the dealer out of the selling equation and making them just a delivery business --  to the point where the consumer  may just show up for the delivery. Whereas, VirtualDeal builds and supports the dealer/consumer relationship while giving the consumers/dealers/OEM’s exactly what they want. Built by dealers for dealers. That’s the beauty of the balance that VirtualDeal provides,” Orr added.

Quietly pilot tested, enhanced and improved over the past 8 years, VirtualDeal has been found to produce profit margins on the front and back that are better than Internet web leads, with a significantly higher closing ratio. With VirtualDeal, customers can engage in a private message conversation with a dealership’s deal manager and it’s so mobile friendly that both the customer and the deal manager can work the entire deal from home -- risk free. Customers can receive up to 9 payment and down payment options on a buy or a lease, trade in offers, and a full disclosure. Perfect payment retail and lease proposals allow dealers to work a real deal with the customer. All that’s left is the test drive. Then, the customer bypasses the showroom and simply completes the finance offerings and signs, greatly reducing their time at the dealership.                    

“Each year the Innovation Cup Award identifies the dealership solutions that are destined to push our industry forward -- and by those who understand what our industry needs the most, its progressive auto dealers,” said DrivingSales Founder and CEO Jared Hamilton.  “We congratulate DealerSuccess for winning the 2015 Innovation Cup Award in a tough competition among an excellent field of solutions.”

VirtualDeal was one of five innovative solutions selected by dealers to present onstage at the 2015 DrivingSales Executive Summit. A panel of dealer judges asked questions of each presenter and then scored each product. VirtualDeal received the highest score to win the DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award for “Most Innovative Solution of 2015.”

The DrivingSales Executive Summit is where the most progressive dealers gather to collaborate and learn forward-thinking trends in automotive operations. DSES features world-renowned experts on marketing, technology and retail operations from inside and outside the industry, who provide the most valuable and actionable insights for today’s dealership professionals.  The DSES agenda is dealer-driven, ensuring the content is 100 percent focused on the needs of progressive dealers. 

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About DealerSuccess:

DealerSuccess is a team of inspired and passionate automotive executives, dealership Internet directors and professional marketers that seek out, research, test and launch revolutionary automotive products that have the potential to evolve and disrupt automotive for both the consumer and DealerSuccess’ auto dealer partners.

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DrivingSales is the industry’s leading resource for automotive dealership professionals to obtain actionable insight, education and connections to advance their careers and grow their businesses in a time of unprecedented market change.  Founded by a third-generation car dealer in 2008, today DrivingSales is utilized by two thirds of franchised dealerships in North America as a resource to improve their business performance. 

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