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Industry Press Releases

Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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Keeping Up with the Joneses in Quick Lube

Keeping Up with the Joneses in Quick Lube

More than half of all sales customers will abandon your dealership’s service department in the first year. It’s a widely varying statistic &nda…

It Has Never Been Easier To Be Average

It Has Never Been Easier To Be Average

It has never been easier to be average. This post was written by Jay Acunzo, who will be speaking at the upcoming DrivingSales Executive Summit in Octob…

Lose a Sale, Save a Life: When a Test Drive Tests the Legal DUI Limit at Car Dealerships

Lose a Sale, Save a Life: When a Test Drive Tests the Legal DUI Limit at Car Dealerships

Seasoned car dealers and sales professionals are true masters of relationship marketing.  A vehicle purchase is an important decision for consumers, a…

7 Attitude Tips to help you Succeed in the Car Business

7 Attitude Tips to help you Succeed in the Car Business

I have found that one of the greatest traits of all the best salespeople to ever sell is a positive attitude. I experience it first hand in my own life, …

How Well Are Your Digital Campaigns Really Performing?

How Well Are Your Digital Campaigns Really Performing?

You’ve probably noticed by now that we live in a world of multi-channel marketing. Customers are researching products and services online using multi…

New Premier Vendors Join DealerVault’s Premier Network: Dealer Addendums, Friendemic, ROITrak, & Spiffit.

LA CROSSE, WI – DealerVault is proud to announce the newest members of its Premier Network – Dealer Addendums, Friendemic, ROITrak, and Spiffit.

DealerVault’s Premier Network allows third-party solution providers to actively support dealerships’ desire to take back control of their data. This platform creates a win-win for vendors and dealerships alike. Dealerships are empowered with control over their data while utilizing the DealerVault tool at no charge, and Premier Vendors are able to actively support this desired effort. DealerVault is excited to have Dealer Addendums, Friendemic, ROITrak, and Spiffit join them in their endeavor to revolutionize the automotive industry by putting dealerships back in control of their data.

126dd581b1e059f0f9506bd24f58ce7e.jpg?t=1“I would like to personally welcome Dealer Addendums, Friendemic, ROITrak, and Spiffit to the DealerVault Premier Network, and highly commend their courage in embracing transparency and dealer control in data movement. We thank these industry leaders for joining in the industry revolution, and we anticipate the support these optimal partnerships will provide for the industry as a whole. Welcome to the DealerVault Premier Network!” commented Stephen Cottrell, President and CEO of DealerVault.

About Dealer Addendums: is an online subscription based service that allows car dealerships to easily and affordably print customized, accurate and professionally branded New Vehicle Addendums and used Vehicle Buyers Guides and Info Sheets. Addendums are automatically stored online so that dealers can link directly to them from their website. Integrating with DealerVault provides clients with faster and more accurate inventory data which enhances value to dealership clients. 

About Friendemic: Friendemic provides social media marketing and reputation management software and services for hundreds of automotive clients across the nation. Their focus on engagement helps build the brands of their clients and promote conversations that drive their clients’ bottom line. Integrating Friendemic with DealerVault will provide social engagement through daily emails to solicit positive reviews for their clients’ customers. 

About ROITrak: ROITrak is a cutting-edge software-as-a-service which provides automobile dealerships the ability to analyze, measure, and optimize all of their marketing efforts to derive a true return on investment for every dollar spent. Integrating ROITrak with DealerVault will give dealers a tool to allow them to see which advertising sources are working, which aren’t, and which need modification.

About Spiffit: Spiffit – The Incentive Dashboard. Use Spiffit to build, launch, manage, measure, report-on and fulfill Spiff programs for Sales, Service and F&I. Integrating with DealerVault enables automatic updates and reporting. Drive your people to focus on profitable products and services to reach a higher level of performance!

About DealerVault:

DealerVault is the first cloud-based system designed to empower dealerships with control over the syndication and distribution of their DMS data. Its’ easy to use, web-based platform allows dealerships to quickly setup, view, and modify DMS data feeds. DealerVault provides dealerships with a solution to all pressing issues including security, compliance, and the indemnification of a $20 million cyber liability policy. For more information, visit or call 877-834-2451.




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