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Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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New app aims to redefine the car buying process with speech and image recognition technology

Englewood, FL – Wilson Software Corp has launched a smart phone application that utilizes speech and image recognition technology for swift, intelligent automobile identification and searching. Their new app removes the hassle associated with finding nearby vehicles conveniently, resulting in the fastest and most efficient way for car buyers to find their next vehicle and connect directly to dealerships. The application has two main functions that both deploy advanced smart search technology produced exclusively for this trailblazing app.

Innovative search technology for the automotive industry

At its core, the app brandishes a profound smart search text or speech input system for searching local vehicle listings which returns accurate results with blinding speed. The second searching option calls upon cutting edge image recognition technology; simply take a picture of any vehicle with your smart phone and it will be identified by the app. After recognition, you’re instantly shown vehicle listings from participating dealers near your location who have that exact or similar models on their lot at that very moment. All of the vehicles found within the search results are live, current listings.

According to Google, 82% of purchasers are in-market for three months or less before making a final purchase decision. While the app caters to car shoppers during every phase of the buying process, its hasty delivery of live market vehicles and direct connect with GPS directions are the prime features that showcase this app as the definitive tool to use when a shopper is prepared to make their purchase and drive away in a new car that very same day.

This targeted user experience occurs at a breakneck pace by eliminating cumbersome steps that are required by similar apps and websites, such as selecting makes and models from drop down menus. The entire process is then further streamlined by bridging the gap between shoppers and dealerships via telephone, directions and e-mail. By providing a highly intelligent, yet straightforward application that presents fast and decisive information on the fly, the app establishes engagement between dealers and in-market buyers expeditiously, at any time and from any location during the buying process.

Speed and convenience backed by powerful mobile technology, it’s all here.

Improving the shopping experience through dealer participation

The true beauty behind lies within the manner by which dealer participation has a positive impact on the culminating user experience. Vehicles listed by participating dealers are not highlighted at the apex of the search results such as the typical “sponsored listings” that have become commonplace on other vehicle listing websites and mobile apps. Instead, search results are always populated from the user’s current (or selected) location outward, presenting them with the closest vehicles at all times.

Wilson Software Corp fully understands that no two cars are the same, so the price that other vehicles recently sold for should not govern the cost of those that are for sale today. Following that mindset, the app is utterly devoid of references to market values based on previous sales as well as price evaluations and direct comparisons. It’s that simple.

Not surprisingly, a market survey done by Lab42 shows that 83% of all car shoppers now do research online prior to making a purchase, and according to the Detroit Bureau, more than half of millennials are turning exclusively to their smart phones to find their next car. Given the fact that these millennials accounted for 25% of all new cars purchases from dealerships in 2012 with that number expected to double by 2022, the future of this automotive shopping trend becomes undeniably clear. Vehicle searching smart phone applications are rapidly becoming the preferred method for buyers to locate vehicles, with speed and convenience being the most desired features, not comparison shopping.

The app trumps all other similar applications in both said categories.

Did you know that two out of the top four main frustrations that car buyers unanimously face are “finding the right car” and “spending time on the process”? The app design philosophy focuses on combating these grievances by placing a strong emphasis on speed and precision. Displaying the right vehicles to the user as quickly as possible is paramount, and that remains a staple mentality at Wilson Software Corp as their new startup gains momentum.

The app also holds great value to auto dealers as a rapid and precise research tool through the capability to compare the live inventory of their competition prior to deciding which vehicles to stock their own shelves with. Now that’s power in your pocket.

Searching for vehicles at an electric speed and connecting dealers with buyers instantly. That’s the app in a nutshell. Download it now:Download on Android :  

Coming soon to iOS


The app and is powered by the website and has been developed by Wilson Software Corp, a leading developer of Dealer Management Software for the automotive industry since 1991. The company’s headquarters is located in Englewood, FL. 


For press and media questions or other inquiries, please contact:

Don Wilson - Wilson Software Corp - - (877) 670-7836



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