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Industry Press Releases

Industry Press Releases Industry Press Releases

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Top 5 Luxury Cars for Any Type of Terrain

Top 5 Luxury Cars for Any Type of Terrain

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My Dealership Story - Kristy Elliott

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Start With Why - David Mead at DrivingSales Presidents Club

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You Have a Position to Fill – Who Do You Hire?

You Have a Position to Fill – Who Do You Hire?

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6 Tips for Better LinkedIn PPC Advertising

6 Tips for Better LinkedIn PPC Advertising

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New Premier Vendors Join DealerVault’s Premier Network: eLEND Solutions, Hynts by Sum-Ware, Prospect Vision, & Traver Connect

LA CROSSE, WI – DealerVault is proud to announce the newest members of its Premier Network – eLEND Solutions, Hynts by Sum-Ware, Prospect Vision, & Traver Connect.

DealerVault’s Premier Network allows third-party solution providers to actively support dealerships’ desire to take back control of their data. This platform creates a win-win for vendors and dealerships alike. Dealerships are empowered with control over their data while utilizing the DealerVault tool at no charge, and Premier Vendors are able to actively support this desired effort. DealerVault is excited to have eLEND Solutions, Hynts by Sum-Ware, Prospect Vision, & Traver Connect join them in their endeavor to revolutionize the automotive industry by putting dealerships back in control of their data.

“I would like to welcome eLEND Solutions, Hynts by Sum-Ware, Prospect Vision, & Traver Connect to the DealerVault Premier Network. I greatly anticipate the support these optimal partnerships will provide for the industry as a whole, and highly commend their courage in embracing transparency and dealer control in data movement. Thank you for joining the industry revolution, and welcome to the DealerVault Premier Network!” commented Stephen Cottrell, President and CEO of DealerVault.

About eLEND Solutions: eLEND Solutions is a technology company focused on providing a more efficient sales and finance process for the entire retail automotive industry. Integrating eLEND with DealerVault will provide clients faster and more accurate access to customer and sales data, enabling them to create a more efficient, connected buying experience that will ultimately result in more sales and higher customer satisfaction ratings. 

About Hynts by Sum-Ware: Hynts by Sum-Ware takes the guess work out of following-up with customers by automating personalized text and email messages for dealers. They provide their customers the ability to quickly build rapport, improve the full customer experience, and increase CSI scores while reducing labor costs. Integrating Hynts with DealerVault will help contain customer information within the dealership by eliminating the need for advisors to use their personal phones. 

About Prospect Vision: Prospect Vision is a full service solution (not a software) that helps dealerships increase sales, market share, and customer retention through customer data mining and equity marketing at a very low cost per sale. Integrating Prospect Vision with DealerVault will offer in-equity customers the chance to trade up to a new vehicle and retain their current payment with no money out of pocket. For more information, call 1-800-252-0868 for a special offer of free setup and database build to all DealerVault dealers.

About Traver Connect: Traver Connect is focused entirely on driving excellence to your service drive. Everything they do is designed around improving customer experience. And, instead of putting the burden on your dealership to hire, train and implement these processes, Traver Connect provides a turn-key solution that centralizes the inbound calls and frees up your Advisors to better serve your customers. Integrating Traver Connect with DealerVault means more time to sell with the right tools to take control of data sources by using better technologies and more efficient processes. cee28b4749a1ff9127d50179d8ca29d5.jpg?t=1

About DealerVault:

DealerVault is the first cloud-based system designed to empower dealerships with control over the syndication and distribution of their DMS data. Its’ easy to use, web-based platform allows dealerships to quickly setup, view, and modify DMS data feeds. DealerVault provides dealerships with a solution to all pressing issues including security, compliance, and the indemnification of a $20 million cyber liability policy. For more information, visit or call 877-834-2451.



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