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How to Do Business with Schools Using Mailing Lists

How to Do Business with Schools Using Mailing Lists

There are 130,930 Schools only in America only. Schools are business-friendly and offer a lot of business opportunities for the companies. So the busin…

Google Page Experience Update 

Google Page Experience Update 

Google Page Experience Update  While your car dealerships website generates many leads for you currently, things may soon change. Google cons…

How to Boost your SEO during Corona Times?

How to Boost your SEO during Corona Times?

Search engine optimization is a strategic process of utilizing online content, improving the user experience, and finally implementing technical aids …

Don't Get Caught On the Hamster Wheel With Marketing Fatigue

Don't Get Caught On the Hamster Wheel With Marketing Fatigue

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Training Produces a Polished, Professional Service Advisor

Training Produces a Polished, Professional Service Advisor

Working at the service desk or being a customer who brings a vehicle in for maintenance, it’s evident when a service advisor doesn’t know w…


Driving Sales  


Volume 7, Issue 2
Monday, December 29, 2008

Step by Step to Build your Internet Sales.

Dennis Colome explains how to build your internet department from the ground up.

dennis colome
  Building a successful internet department requires discipline and direction.  Dennis is a nationally known expert who has proven to deliver results through both.  In this video he explains the fundamentals in a step by step approach to building a successful internet department at any store in any market. 

Watch the Video >

Win $500 for Your Ideas on Industry Solutions.

If you were the "Car Czar" in charge of reinventing our industry, what would you do?

The Contest "If I were Car Czar." is up and going.  Submit your thoughts on what you see as areas for innovation in our industry and what you recommend as solutions.  Our Judges (Andrew Price, Charlie Vogelheim, Kevin Root and Allan Cooper) will select the winning entry soon so get your entries in quickly.  Email your entries to

What Really Works vs. Hot Air and Imagination!

Jim Ziegler

Jim Ziegler
What really works vs. hot air and imagination

Jim Ziegler is leading a good discussion about what really works and what is fluff regarding "technology assisted sales."  Many people from different walks of industry life have sounded off and shared their two cents, there is lots of good information in this thread.  The discussion has touched on pricing strategy, website conversion, Facebook, Craigslist, mobile marketing, PR and MUCH more.  Read the insightful discussion and add thoughts of your own.

See The Discussion Here >


CRM - Who is the Top Vendor?

The race for the top CRM vendor heats up as Dealers submit reviews.


We recently opened the Vendor Rating system up to accept reviews on your favorite (or worst) CRM vendor experience.  So far, DealerSocket and ICarMagic have perfect records.  Reynolds and ADP are close behind.  We recently made some enhancements to the review system, we invite you to see how the vendors are rated by their dealer clients.  Be sure to submit and rate your vendors for others to see.

 View the Vendor Ratings here>

What Attributes Do You Look For in Hiring an ISM?

DrivingSales Member Seeks your Advice.

Is your ISM on the top of his game?  What do you look for in hiring an ISM?  Do you start with sales skills and teach the web marketing skills? Does your ISM make budget decisions or is their focus to set appointments? There are many different opinions.  Read what others have to say and add your opinions to the mix.

See the Discussion Here >

What Does Management Need to Focus On?

To grow your business to the max, where should your team focus their energies?

Bill phillips
William Phillips
What should your managers be focusing on?

The most common gaffe I observe in almost every dealership I visit is upper management’s lack of oversight of their Internet departments. While these managers know how many ups came into their store and how those shoppers were handled on the floor, few, if any, are equally in tune with their online prospects. Let’s look at how taking a...

View Post Here >

Treasure Hunting at Your Own Dealership!

Find hidden profits in unusual places inside your own store!
Jim lawrence Jim Lawrence
Treasure Hunting at Your Own Dealership.
Tap into profit already within your organization!

Improving sales is a worthy goal, but with the right technology in place, saving money is easier and more “profitable” than increasing the sales capability of your personnel. Let’s take a look at some of the hidden areas of potential savings in a dealership. 

View The Post Here >

Eric Miltsch is Nominated for a Shorty!

DrivingSales power user is recognized as one of the worlds top automotive Tweeters.

Eric Miltsch Eric Miltsch
Automotive Social Media Expert is Up For Shorty Award.

Twitter is the world's most popular micro blogging platform and is a great FREE marketing tool for dealerships.  Users broadcast short 140 character "tweets" to their followers keeping them current on the latest and greatest. 

Eric Miltsch oversees the Internet Operations at AuctionDirect, an east coast dealer group, and has been nominated to win a Shorty Award for his tweeting that connects his dealerships with consumers.  The Shorty Awards are given to the top Tweeters in the wold in any give topic such as automotive. 

Please vote for Eric  "AuctionDirect" in the Shorty Awards here.

You can follow DrivingSales' best practice updates on Twitter here.


How to Handle an Internet Lead.

The market is competitive, proper process is the key to success.

joe the lead
Sargent Joe Webb teaches how to handle (and not handle) a lead in this competitive market.  Watch this video, smile and learn. 



Join the Largest Best Practice Community.

Collaborate and Network with Thousands of Industry Pros.

DrivingSales logo
Vendor Neutral Community is #1 in the Industry
Industry Managers who are interested in innovative best practices are invited to participate in the FREE community at  Here is how it works:

1. Create your profile and connect with the industry professionals you know.  (Similar to linked in, except every one of our thousands of members are auto industry pros.)

2.Collaborate on our Social Mediums such as blogs, video sharing, discussion boards and strategy sharing. (think youtube and 100% for the car business.)

3.DrivingSales filters industry happenings, best practices and notifications from your trusted associates and keeps you in the loop and ahead of the curve by delivering the needed information directly to your account.  (Like facebook & google)

Get involved in the largest, vendor neutral, best practice community in the industry.

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Who would you pick as the Car Czar?

I hate this question... how do you respond?

Rate your Search Marketing Vendors and see who is the best.

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