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What would you like to see us ask your CEO's?

Next week at DSES we will have a special treat for the DrivingSales Community.  We will be giving you direct access to a few of those CEOs whose companies touch the highest number of dealership in the country.  We felt is was important go give you access to these leaders to hear their vision of what 2012 will look like, and most importantly to ask them direct questions about the issues that affect your stores.

Those committed to participating at DSES are:

Chip Perry -

Mark O'Neil - DealerTrack

Mitch Golub -

John Holt - Cobalt/ADP

Mark Bonfigli -

We have rounded up a few questions already:

How do you think that buyer behavior will change as users migrate from traditional devices to mobile/portable devices?

With fixed operations such a steady part of a dealers business, why is there such a disproportionate investment in creating technology solutions to help sell cars, rather than focus on service and parts?

In other industries, true technology platforms are much more open allowing third parties to develop apps and services on top of the platform.  This fosters innovation and competition and further cements the “platforms” position in the market. In automotive, most vendors talk about how they are a platform, but nobody really opens themselves up and encourages others to build solutions on top of them.  Why not?

Why with all the advancements in technology why do DMS systems still employ archaic interfaces, why are they not more graphical and user friendly?

Most dealers want the convenience of having one place to login, but a single vendor wont be the best at everything.  Is there a way for dealers to get a single login system yet be able to pick and choose whom they deem to be best in class for any given service?

What is the most important investment your company is making to stay competitive in the future?

How important do you think social media should be to a dealers marketing mix?

Is your company looking to make acquisitions in any particular arena?  Why/why not?


Feel free to add your own questions below, add your two centse the questions listed or email if you would like your question to be anonymous. 

Thanks everyone - DSES 2012 promises to be, once again, the top industry event for progressive dealers.  See you at the Bellagio on sunday!

Jim Bell
To and autotrader...The cost of advertising on third party sites are increasing at an incredible rate. Would like to know why we are seeing a 10,20, and in some cases for dealers a 30% for advertising on your sites. Dealers are having to move a lot of marketing dollars around just to be able to afford to be on these sites. Why such a large increase in rates?

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