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Here Are Ways to Keep Lumber Safe

Here we will discuss how to keep the lumber safe during transportation. When you transport cargo, your cargo is susceptible to so many types of damages. Right from natural hazards to theft can affect your cargo. So it is important to keep it protected. Protecting your cargo is not as difficult as you imagine. All you need to do is cover it well. Covering your cargo well with good tarps can help protect it in various ways. It is the most commonly used technique to keep your lumber safe during long journeys.

We would now discuss some of the advantages of using this technique:

Economical – Lumber tarps are reasonable to buy. It would not cost you too much to buy on a good quality tarp. So the tarp is actually a small price to pay to keep your precious and expensive cargo safe.

Durable- These tarps are long lasting. So once you buy them, you do not have to worry about them getting spoilt anytime soon. If you buy some strong type then it would last you even longer than the other varieties.

Materials – The lumber tarps come in canvas and poly materials. Canvas is very popular in lumber tarps. Also they come in poly which comes in the colour green. This poly tarp is also very useful as it is very reasonable and also can be repaired very easily if damaged. Of course choosing between the poly and the canvas tarp is a personal choice.

Strong – Lumber tarps are very strong. When goods are transported in flatbed trailers and trucks this variety of tarp is often used. Thus it is also known as flatbed lumber tarps.

Sold in parts- The lumber tarp is sold in parts. So this is useful as different trucks have different bed length. So you can adjust the tarp as per the bed length. If the bed is long you can use more sections of the tarp, if it is short you can make do with a few sections. This gives you flexibility and suits people’s conveniences.

Waterproof- Lumber should be dry. This is an important factor to keep in mind when transporting lumber. Lumber needs more dryness than perhaps any other type of cargo. Thus a very important factor for transporting lumber is to keep it moisture free. These specially designed lumber tarps are almost 100% waterproof. So this ensures that your lumber is bone dry. Lumber that gets soggy will gather moss and fungus. This will eventually cause the lumber to rot. So the cargo will be spoilt. However a good lumber tarp can prevent these problems.

Prevent against the harsh winters- These tarps especially the ones that come in the poly material, protect the cargo from the sharp winters. These are known to be effective in arctic type of winter conditions. So these work in a two- fold way. One they keep the severe cold out, second they help in retaining the heat within. This brilliant technology keeps your lumber safe and secure.

Acid Protection- These tarps have one very unique feature. They are acid proof. Having a good rain protection is of no use, as often rain water comes with acid in it. This common feature is also called acid rain. The acid in the water can damage and destroy the goods completely. Acid eats in to the surface of the lumber. Even snow and dew sometimes contain traces of acid. So getting an acid protection is a must.

Easy to procure- Lumber tarps are available anywhere. Finding one is not difficult also if the old one gets spoilt replacing it is not difficult. This makes it very popular, as even if something is very good and cannot be found easily it becomes frustrating.

Sizes available- These tarps come in all sizes. They come in rectangle and square shapes. You are sure to find one that fits your truck. However if you do not find the right size, do not worry. You can always get one made to fit the right size of your truck. This can be done very easily with no additional costs. So this is another interesting feature of these tarps.

Double stitching- The tarps are stitched twice right at the hem giving it a sturdy feel. If the tarps are not stitched well then they are sure to tear fast. So even when fastened to the truck under great pressure it will not snap or break.

Anti fire- Many of these tarps also help tremendously as they have an anti fire element. Fires can occur anywhere, even during travel. So these tarps come in a material that actually prevents the fire from catching and if the fire does catch it prevents it from spreading. Fire has the worst effect on any goods. It is the worst type of hazard that can happen. With these fire proof tarps you can save yourself a lot of loss.

Full Coverage- These tarps are like 48 feet long and they are also extremely wide. Thus they cover your cargo completely; even an 8 feet cargo will be completely covered. In fact after covering the cargo some of the tarp would actually be hanging down on either side. 

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