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13 Brilliant Tips For Organizing Your Daily Schedule At Your Dealership

Dealerships are like beehives.

Everybody's got their role, and with so many tasks to complete (and so little time to complete them), things can easily fall through the cracks.

Have you ever forgotten a meeting that you promised your new sales consultant, or missed a deadline because you were too busy?

You may be overwhelmed right now, but the first step to regaining control of your schedule is by reorganizing your day step by step.

Today, let's talk about 13 things you can do this week to increase your productivity and reduce your headaches.

Tips For Organizing Daily Schedule

Making A Plan

1. Create a schedule

How To Create A Daily Schedule

Without a clearly defined schedule, things are likely to fall behind or even slip through the cracks completely.

Grab a notebook and pen in the morning and start writing down all the things that you need to get done that day.

Start by breaking your day into blocks, and schedule specific activities according to their priority.

Schedule times for the biggest things first, then start filling in the cracks with the details.

This will help you organize your day, and focus on one task at a time because multitasking isn’t effective!

Batching sessions of dedicated time will make you the most efficient possible.

2. Take breaks

How To Schedule Breaks In Your Workday

Don’t forget to schedule times for the little things too, like checking email and taking regular breaks throughout the day.

If you don’t give yourself some time to rest, your plan will likely fall behind and you’ll be left scrambling to get everything done at the end of the day.

So get things written out and then stick to your plan!

Getting Organized

3. Keep things in one spot.

How To Keep Track Of Things

This one actually starts at home...

Resist the urge to leave your bag in one place, your keys in another and your phone across the room.

By keeping everything in the same spot, you will lose fewer things, and when you leave for work in the morning you can scoop everything up and be out the door.

4. Organize your desk for maximum efficiency

How To Organize Your Desk At Work

When you get to work make sure you keep your desk organized.

Mary Poppins famously said, "A place for everything, and everything in it's place."

Every time you stop to find a Post-It note, you have a larger chance of losing your train of thought and getting distracted.

Keeping the tools of your trade nearby will help make your day run smoothly so keep things neat, tidy and within arm’s reach.

5. Let your planner be your guide

How To Use A Daily Planner

As mentioned in tip #1, writing down your daily tasks is important.

Finding the right kind of planner to organize your day is just as important, if not more important that writing it down.

If you never check your planner because it’s inconvenient...what’s the use?

It might be a good idea to keep certain aspects of your schedule online, like in your phone, but writing things down will help you remember times and dates.

6. Use your planner every day

Tips For Using A Day Planner

Plans are useless if you don't follow through with them because something comes up at the last minute.

Whenever you get a new task, make sure to write it down.

If you don’t finish it that day make sure to carry it over into tomorrow's schedule.

Make a habit of using your planner and it will keep you organized over the long term.

Using Your Time Wisely

7. Cut unnecessary activities

How To Focus On Essentialism

Be honest:

There’s a lot of time during your day that can be put to better use...right?

Instead of using the commute into work to listen to the radio, listen to a podcast to learn what’s new in the industry, or call coworkers to talk about projects.

8. Knock Out Your Biggest Task In The Morning

Complete Biggest Task In Morning

In your planning session that morning or the day before, schedule something big for you to work on right as you get into the dealership.

Getting something done that you might have been procrastinating on for a while will give you a big head start to the day.

Take inventory of your week.

Do you usually roll into the store and click around Facebook for a while?

Maybe check on Motor Trend or the classifieds?

If you're at the top of your game in the morning, use that time to work on your biggest tasks.

9. Stay Flexible

How To Be Flexible

No matter how meticulously you schedule your day, it probably won’t go according to plan.

Try to always give yourself a time buffer.

Planning your day in 1/2-hour increments might look good on your calendar, but there will always be someone dropping into your office, or a last-minute meeting you need to attend.

10. Don’t email...converse

How To Be More Productive At Work

There are huge amounts of time wasted in email threads trying to clarify meanings and understanding one another.

Picking up the phone or walking down the hall can clear up most of these issues.

If the phone isn’t an option a simple online text based chat can help.

The idea is to reduce miscommunication and get ideas across faster.

11. Reduce meeting length

How To Have More Productive Meetings At Work

Could cutting or reducing your meetings actually make you more productive?

That's up to you to decide, but ask yourself how much of your meeting time is spent on action items.

Ahead of morning sales meetings, getting things prepared and having a meeting outline will save everyone’s time.

12. Switch off popup notification on mobile devices and on desktop

How To Be More Focused At The Office

Don’t let apps interrupt your concentration.

These pop up messages are a huge distractions, and can ruin your train of thought.

Shut them off and limit the amount of time you check your email during the day.

13. Plan Tomorrow

How To Plan For Tomorrow At Work

If you plan for tomorrow at the end of today, you'll be one step ahead when you walk through the dealership doors in the morning.

Take 15-20 minutes today to block out tomorrow's schedule with tasks you want to accomplish, and focus them on goals like growing and accelerating your sales team's performance.

Find training opportunities, and sit down with your consultants to map out their careers.

By being proactive with your sales team's advancement, you can grow performance, engage employees, create veterans and reduce turnover... all while increasing the profitability of the dealership.

Want to learn how?

If you've got 30 minutes... we'll show you.

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