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(DrivingSales Success Tip) Service Walk: When is the Right Time?

Hello automotive industry professionals, my name is Jason Volny and I’m with DrivingSales. Today’s Tip of the Week revolves around the service walk.

There are three things a customer is buying when they purchase a vehicle from you:

  1. The Sales-person

  2. The Car

  3. The Dealership

Now let’s dive into that, isn’t the service walk a part of your dealership? Wouldn’t it make sense to get your customers through the service department to let them know how you do business? Studies have shown that if you get your customers to use your service department, they’re more likely to come back and purchase a car from you in the future.

What I’m trying to tell you in this tip of the week is that a lot of dealerships out there (including the one I came from), used to do the service walk after the customer made a decision to buy the vehicle. I’m here to tell you, THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

Why not walk them through the service department before you ask them to buy the vehicle from you?

For example your sales person is coming to you at your desk and they ask you to pencil the numbers for them. During that time period where you are looking at their credit, or maybe you’re appraising their vehicle for them, you may want to send your sales person out there with them and have him/her walk through the service department with the customers. Let the customer see the faces that they will be doing business with in the future. Let them know where they need to come for service work, open the doors and show them how to drive through the service department.

It would make sense to maybe introduce them to the accessories department or the parts department at that point. Let them know that this would be a good place for them to come and get their service work done in the future.

This is your Tip of the Week, I’ll see you next time.

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What part of the dealership do you want some tips about? let me know in the comments!

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