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Jason Volny

Jason Volny National Training Manager

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How to Recruit Talent for Your Dealership - Tip For Success

Hi everybody, Jason Volny here with DrivingSales and this you Tip for Success: How to Recruit Talent for Your Dealership?

Every time I go to an event people are always asking me, "How do I find qualified workers?". So I thought this would be a really good time for us to discuss it.

There’s really only two ways you can attract talent to your dealership. And that is a passive approach and an active approach.

Now the passive approach is the traditional way where you put an ad in the paper (even though people don’t really use the newspaper for job ads anymore), or on sites where potential new hires will be looking for a job. Now this doesn’t really work! I think most of you can agree with me in the fact that we are really struggling to attract new talent that we want. Why is that? Well, most of you would also agree that people are just afraid of the automotive business or the industry as a whole. In most cases people are afraid of it because they may  not be good at it, or we have a really bad reputation when it comes to being in the automotive industry. Because of that, people are afraid of telling their family members and their friends that they are selling cars for a living.

Now let’s talk about the active approach of hiring. This is where you actively seek talent for your dealership. Now, theres the traditional way where you ask every server who does a really good job for you at a restaurant and you give them your business card and say, “Hey, come join me!”. The second approach is where you ask your employees to find talent. Obviously like-people hang out with like-people. So if someone is really good at sales, chances are they know somebody who is interested in the same type of job. Sometimes we even offer money for employees who successfully refer their friends!

The third type of active hiring is the one I really want to talk to you about. It’s something i’ve done before and I’ve seen a lot of other managers use this as well. You can recruit the resources of popular a site we’re all familiar with - So how is this different than a passive approach? Instead of just putting another ad up asking for an employee, you actively seek out employees. Now, a lot of your new hires are posting their resume online. This is really good opportunity to seek out some of these people that are looking for a job as we speak. The problem you run into at this point, is how do you know who really is looking for a job or not?

If you click on find resumes at the top of the page, you’ll come to another page where all these people and resumes are categorized based on experience, what kind of job they’re looking for, etc. While on this page you find really quickly if you search for the job you are looking to fill, say a sales associate, you’ll have a list of people come up. If you are looking for a sales person, you don’t always need to search for “sales associate”. You can search teachers, bartenders, or even people who worked in the hospitality industry. All of these industries are really good when it comes to customer service. They’ve worked for tips before, so they know how to work and give great customer service.

We aren’t going to dive that deep right now. We are just typing in sales associate and will scan the list that appears. They key here is to look for people that have recently edited their resume. What does this tell you when someone goes online and edits their resume? Obviously they are not happy with their job, or are looking! So if you search for those people, and sort by relevance or date you’ll find those people that are actively looking for a job right now.

From this point on if you set up a corporate account, you’ll be able to select dozens of people at a time and send a mass invite to come to an interview at your dealership. When you do this, you’ll be able to attach a letter! This is where a lot of dealerships fail. They don’t take care of the fears potential hires may have about the industry. Hiring managers also don’t focus on what’s important to the new workforce.

In our past tips for success we have addressed the lens you have to look through that’s important to you workforce:

They want mentorship.

They want career growth.

They want work-life balance.

They want compensation.

All of these things HAVE to be outlined in the letter you send to potential new hires.

In addition to that,  compensation is a very important factor. You have to guarantee compensation for six to 12 months. Some of you may say you can’t afford that right now, but can you afford turnover?? The cost of turnover is upwards of $90,000!! So the question then becomes, you can pay now, or you can pay later. That’s up to you.


Sherri Riggs

Jason, awesome tip (as always!) I'm looking forward to the rest of your weekly tips!

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