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10,000+ Cars Trucks and SUVs Listed for Sale on Driverbase

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4 Sales Lessons from Real Car Shoppers

4 Sales Lessons from Real Car Shoppers

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Who Taught Your Managers How to Lead?

Too often we promote rockstar salespeople into management without giving them the skills they need to be successful.  We rely on our managers to train and develop our people.  Who is training and developing them?

Michael Brown

Or, how about this: don't hire your rock star sales people to be sales managers.  Instead hire people with the management skills and knowledge AND good selling skills?

Kenneth Bittner

Having been a "victim" of this syndrome early on, I've recognized it as I've progressed thru my career.  Now, I'm doing something about it to help our younger people on their way up.  Check out


Mark Dubis

We use the term "leadership" too cavalierly in business. The reality is most companies do not want to develop leaders, they want to develop good managers. There is a big difference and the traits and characteristics vary.  Having team members with great management skills should be the primary goal.  Exhibiting the skills and actions of a leader in the business environment often scares the hell out of the owners and top managers, as leaders will challenge their decision making, encourage risk, and strengthen the loyalty of team members to their causes.  It is the rare executives who truly want to develop leaders.

Robert Morgan

People are starving for a leader. Amazing results come when we find them. Do not just throw your people to the wolves and hope it works. Did it really work for you? Give them the foundation. Show them the way.

One of the most critical decisions a company makes, who is the next manager. Managers are abundant in every business. Leadership, however, is rare. When we do find that extraordinary leader, it can change our company and team. 

Almost all Managers had no official training, some are smart enough to figure it out. Most unfortunately do not. 

There are only two kinds of leaders:

There are leaders who put themselves and their purpose, mission, agenda, belief system in front of everything else — and their brilliance, if they are in fact brilliant, is enough to carry the whole culture forward. And those employees in a culture with a self-driven leader are either willing to drink the punch and follow, because there’s a lot of money to be made or some other prize. And that’s how we get toxic workplaces.

The other kind of leader is the antidote. A leader who makes strategic decisions based on people and the product or service they’re responsible for. That puts the well-being and engagement (and engagement is a key concept here) of others first. Is this selfless? Not exactly. Is it socialist? Not at all. It’s the essence of being responsive to the market — using the workforce as the microcosm. If they’re happy, if they’re performing, the theory goes, so will the company.

I don't know about you but I would be looking for more of the second kind. 



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