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Driving Traffic to Your Dealership Facebook Page: Part I - Advertising

So, you have a Facebook page for your dealership. You have apps, inventory, photos, and status updates galore. All you need now are a few eyeballs reading it and profiles liking it.

The question is, "How?"

Our webinar last week on Driving Traffic and Likes to Your Car Dealer Facebook Page goes into detail about many different ways to drive traffic, but one of the most relevant ways is to use straight-forward Facebook advertising.

Advertising is simple, but here are few tips that may answer some of your questions.

1) Compel wiht your Ad Thumbnail and Copy

In the example above, there are two major points. It's common to use the dealership logo for the thumbnail. It works just fine and is excellent for exposing your brand. I prefer to use a geo-targeted image whenever possible.

The text should also be compelling but ONLY to the point of being realistic. Do not promise more than you can deliver. Tell people exactly why they should like your page, then deliver on those expectations.

2) Targeting Your Location

There is a debate going on behind the scenes between several vendors, dealers, and OEMs. On one side, the thought is that anyone liking your page is good, regardless of demographic. Getting thousands of people to like your page is the goal.

The other side of the debate says that only local, relevant visitors and likes are needed.

Both sides have valid arguments. It's a matter of strategy preference. For this article and for Facebook advertising in general, we'll focus on lower-volume local traffic only.

Above, you'll see that we targeted the entire state of Oklahoma and that it gives us just over a million potential profiles to which we can advertise. It seems like a lot, but in Facebook numbers it really isn't.

If your local metro is large enough, you can stick with that. In many cases, targeting your state makes more sense, especially for geographically small states such as Massachusetts or states with lower populations such as Oklahoma.

3) Decide on Your Budget

The goal of Facebook advertising is 2-fold: generating engagement and branding. Running a campaign for branding is an entirely different strategy from what I'm about to demonstrate. If your goal is branding, check back in a couple of weeks for that article.

With visitors and getting more "likes" as the goal, you should use a CPC format. In other words, you pay for every click through to your page regardless of how many impressions are served.

On average, you will be able to generate a click for $.55-$1.45 depending on your market. We will assume that you have a custom Facebook landing page created through FBML, in which case your conversion from visitor to Like should be over 40%. If you don't have a custom landing page, work on that part first. Advertise only when this is done.

You daily budget is simply a matter of determining how much you want to spend monthly and dividing it by 30. If you want to spend $300 a month on Facebook advertising, then your budget would be $10 a day. Unless you intend to get really, really aggressive, there is no need to go over $30 a day.

* * *

Getting people to visit your page is one thing. Making it compelling enough for them to like it is another. Facebook can be relatively time-consuming, but at least it normally doesn't cost a lot.

In future articles, we will discuss other methods of driving traffic and likes. We will also be discussing ways to truly use your Facebook page to have an impact on your business. This article is just the start. More to come soon.

* * *

Read more about Car Dealer Internet Marketing on Driving Sales.

Eric Miltsch
Well done JD... It seems like the successful campaigns within FB are also changing up their ads more frequently than Google PPC get stale quickly - change is a good thing.

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