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Video Marketing for Day-to-Day Business

Video Marketing

This post is part of a series titled 10 Ways to Use Social Media for Day-to-Day Business. Every day we will be expanding upon a new tip until the list is complete.

If there's one medium to bet on for the future, it's video. Tweeting may someday fall out of favor. Thousands of new blogs are popping up every day, making it hard to get in through the noise. Even Facebook, as gigantic as it is today, could collapse under its own weight from a couple of wrong moves.

Video, on the other hand, is going to be around in one form or another for a long, long time on the internet. We, as humans, love the sit-back-and-enjoy style of information consumption. It's what made the television such a gargantuan medium and it will continue to drive the internet for decades to come.

Your business must be using video to promote an enhance your day-to-day business. Period. End of st... well, not quite the end of the story. There's more:

Frequency by Personality

How often you post is based upon two criteria: how much time you have and the personality of your dealership. "Amount of content available" is not a criteria. It doesn't matter if you have a single client and you talk to 1 customer a month. You should be able to get your creative juices flowing in a way that brings video ideas to mind.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of seeing what others are doing. Here are some ideas from the automotive industry...

Monthly Video Marketing

(3-10 hour time investment, $0-$10,000 financial investment)

Monthly Video Marketing If your business is driven by customers, creating high-quality videos of your customers is one of the best ways to integrate it into your day-to-day business. A single video done monthly with focus and the ability to allow viewers to associate with the subject can make an impact every day.

Here is an example of a testimonial video that took time to create. It wasn't a matter of whipping out a flip camera and asking questions (though there is definitely a place for those types of videos as mention below) but with some simple staging and a candid customer followed by some good video editing, the result was something that can help this business grab more customers today.

Other ideas for monthly videos include:

  • * In-depth tips pertaining to your niche such as "How to change the spark plugs on a Honda Civic"
  • * Explanation of services. For example, a steak house might make a video that demonstrates "Our Ribeyes, From the Cow to Your Plate" that follows the "path" your steak travels, including shots from the farm where you buy your meat, the cutting process, the aging process, time spent on the grill and finally how it's served to customers.
  • * A "dozens of happy customers" video that takes your testimonials from the month (that you collect for daily or weekly videos) and forms a compilation of short comments they made. To be truly effective, remember the movie review videos that we see all the time. They usually do not focus on a single review, but instead they flash several quotes from noted reviewers. If you have 15 reviews, for example, you should take 2-5 second snippets from each and compile them into a rapid-paced, short video with a lot of smiling faces accompanied by gentle music and a strong intro and outro clip.

Weekly Video Marketing

(30-minutes to 1-hour time investment, $0-$1000 financial investment)

Video Marketing Weekly

Above, we mentioned that you could do compilations of happy clients in a strong monthly video. This is also a good weekly video, though it shouldn't necessarily be as time-consuming. Longer scenes can be put together for a longer video that can have strong results.

This may go against our logic, but it's actually easier to make a longer compilation video with longer clips than it is to make a shorter one. Shorter ones with rapid-fire clips can be more challenging to make coherently.

Here's an example of a longer video that was easier to make (took 15 minutes of filming and 30 minutes of editing) than a strong, professionally-done rapid-fire piece.

It's not the best made video in the world but it gets the point across.

Other ideas for weekly videos include:

  • * Product usage ideas. Spark some ideas in your customers by showing them creative ways to use the products or services they purchased from you.
  • * Employee interviews. Keep them short - under 3 minutes - but get clips of happy employees enjoying their jobs. People like to do business with those who enjoy what they're doing. Having pride and putting a little love into your job fills potential customers with confidence.
  • * Random rants. I know, YouTube is already loaded with too many people ranting about too many things, but if you have employees with strong personalities that translate well on camera, use them. Record them discussing issues in or out of your industry and add the human touch to your business.

Daily Video Marketing

(5-minutes to 15-hour time investment, $0 financial investment)

Daily Video Marketing

This is the easiest one. It takes the formation of a habit to do it right because consistency is the key. Testimonials are the "low-hanging fruit" in this segment. If you have happy customers, ask them if they'd do a 30-second video testimonial for you. Get one good snippet of them talking about your business, then post it with a quick intro and outro (one that you build and save for all of your daily videos).

On days where testimonials are not available, have a library of employee videos ready to post. You can spend a few hours one day grabbing your employees and having them say something short about their departments, the company, and themselves. Save these up and post them on days that you don't have testimonials.

The most important part of daily video marketing is to be consistent. If you can set a time when the videos are posted and subsequently promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog, that's ideal. Even if you can't be sure to post every day no matter what.

You can always take weekends off, of course, and you can skip days that you're posting weekly or monthly videos, of course, but be sure that you're posting on regular intervals.

Other ideas for daily videos include:

  • * Response videos. In certain niches such as computer technology, there are hundreds of good videos posted every day by others. Posting your take on these videos as responses fills your channel as well as helps to expose your channel through others.
  • * Daily deals. Groupon may be having challenges, but the concept is there. Restaurants that serve daily specials are perfect examples of businesses that can take advantage of this. Get a video of the featured dish of the day with you or someone else describing it in a succulent manner, then post it in your channel. This can be particularly effective when combined with Twitter and Facebook.
  • * Product focus videos. If you have several different products or services, take some time to describe them. A car dealership could take a quick look at the fresh trade-ins of the day. "Before they hit the lot" videos can draw in business, particularly from bargain-hunters who like things that are fresh.

Soshable Tips

The possibilities through video marketing are endless. You must be consistent, attentive, creative, and willing to make the commitment, but once the ball gets rolling it can be a fun and effective way of increasing business by giving you tools that you and your staff can use over and over again.

* * * Read more social media marketing tips on Soshable.

Joey Abna
Thanks for the examples JD. Looking forward to the series.
JD Rucker
It's growing every day. About to post #4.
Jeff Cryder
Thanks for your post JD. I'm subscribed to your school of thought. Video is one for the best and easiest ways of sharing customer experiences, faces within your dealership as well as telling "your story". Just make sure to keep your video lengths between 2:00-3:00 minutes.

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