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Create a Luxury Customer Experience with These 3 Inexpensive Dealer Supplies

5e646f4c5945332bdc238152c92fd50c.jpg?t=1As a car dealer, it’s always important to come up with ways to show your customers how much you appreciate them. Doing so generates valuable goodwill, leads to repeat business and gives you a leg up over your competition. These days, however, the new and used car dealership market is comprised of an enormous number of players. You need to create a memorable, luxury experience that resonates with your customers and renders them speechless. A free keychain or deal just won’t cut it. Instead, consider one of these three inexpensive dealer supplies to express your gratitude.



1. Establish a customer rewards program that sets you apart from other dealerships. A rewards plan offers your customers significant benefits, as they earn points or other perks when they spend money at your dealership for services or products. Points can be used toward future visits, though the amounts for vehicle purchases themselves would typically be excluded. From the dealership standpoint, these programs enable you to take advantage of great sales opportunities.


  • Members of rewards programs tend to spend more per visit as compared to those not enrolled in a plan. Customers are motivated to purchase additional items and options when they know their money builds rewards compensation.


  • Your dealership captures contact information for customers, allowing you to target email campaigns and other marketing strategies more effectively.


  • Membership benefits can be tiered to allow for higher levels of awards, which encourages investment in additional products and services.


  • These programs are quick and easy to roll out at your dealership, without the need for additional equipment or staffing. A centralized dashboard allows you to track performance and many solutions are cloud-based to give you access from anywhere. Your customers can manage their accounts as well, further extending the luxury experience.


  • When you implement a customer rewards solution for your dealership, you’ll also gain access to the experience and marketing insight of a team of experts. These professionals are dedicated to helping you make the most of your dealership’s most valuable asset: your customers.


2. Offer fabric protection to make the new car look and smell last. Car buyers are sold once they sign on the dotted line, but providing luxury customer service requires you to deliver beyond the point when they drive their vehicle off the lot. Fabric protection is a valuable perk because it extends the new-ness of the car, through spills and mishaps that would otherwise sap its resale value. These treatments guard against:


  • Food and beverage stains;
  • Ink, crayon and lead markings;
  • Gum and candy stains, and their residues;
  • Makeup and lipstick;
  • Fading from UV rays;
  • Most rips, tears and punctures;
  • Blood, vomit, urine and other biological substances; and,
  • Many other types of abuse your customers’ vehicles are subjected to.

These protective treatments can be applied to fabric, leather or vinyl. Discuss warranty details with the manufacturer, but typically you can issue a guarantee that the customer’s vehicle condition will remain intact. In most cases, warranty features include transferability to second owner, online claims filing and nationwide repairs.

In addition to fabric protection, paint treatments are a service perk that will bring return customers. Weather and other factors can be devastating to a vehicle’s finish, but the right treatment protects against the sun’s rays, salt, sand, insects and other elements.


3. Make a statement by delivering the vehicle with a stylish bow. The extravagance of a beautiful, lavish bow is what makes the experience personal when you’re handing over the keys to a new car. To your customers, it’s all about the presentation. To them, it might be a gift for a spouse, a birthday present for a loved one or a reward for employee excellence. From your point of view, the bow is a special touch that car shoppers aren’t going to find at just any car dealership. It’s an added bonus that lets them know what they can expect if they return to your company the next time they’re looking at vehicle options.


Keep in mind that the bow is a symbol and can take on any meaning that demonstrates appreciation for your customers. Red connotes love and romance, but there are other colors that can support a given cause:


  • Pink for breast cancer awareness;
  • Blue and yellow is designated for Down’s Syndrome research;
  • Purple is related to Alzheimer’s Disease; and,
  • Yellow supports all different types of cancer research;


These are just a few of the ideas you might offer to demonstrate your appreciation for customers and separate your dealership from the pack. Hopefully, they’ll provide some inspiration to find other thoughtful gestures that are both generous and reasonably priced. Whatever perk you decide on, the important point to remember is that you’re not just conducting a transaction with a customer: You’re creating an experience.


Jeff Dodson is the Founder and CEO of Dodson Auto Group, a family-run business offering automotive professionals everything from forms and direct mail fulfillment to business card printing, and payment solutions under one roof. With Dodson, businesses can consolidate purchasing into one single supplier, saving time and money. You can reach Jeff at

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