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Jeff Sterns

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More Traffic or Better Converting Websites? Why Choose?


In our blog post about the two ways dealers can increase leads, I talked about the differences between driving more traffic as a strategy versus improving your websites ability to generate leads from the traffic it's already getting. This is on our blog and obviously I'm going to lean towards our own expertise when posting to my website, but here I'd like to point out the obvious: you don't have to choose one or the other.

Why can't we have both?

When I was a sales manager, I would hear about how this advertising campaign brought in weaker traffic or that campaign brought in too little traffic. We were always searching for the goose that would lay the golden egg - better foot traffic and more of it! Now that everything has gone digital, the old complaints are manifesting in the form of lead generation.

LeadIncrease.jpg?width=400Driving more shoppers to your website can help you generate more leads and improving the way that website converts them can do the same. Let's look at the math to see which is better:

I can already hear the complaints.

"Jeff, your numbers are rigged."

"Jeff, you're oversimplifying it."

"Jeff, your figures are too high/low/sideways."

It's simple math to illustrate a point that everyone here already knows. If you increase traffic and improve lead conversion, you have the best chance of generating more leads, period.

Dealers shouldn't put all of their eggs into one basket when on the quest to drive more leads from their website. You don't have to settle for better lead generating tools or more website traffic. You can do both. That's the point.

It doesn't have to be complicated. I don't need a fancy chart to illustrate it. Focusing on one doesn't stop you from focusing on the other. Why not both?

Dave Greenly
Yep on both as long as you consider all Lead Types as a conversion (Internet [submitted a form, chatted, texted, skyped, etc.], Phone [called the dealer] and Walk-In [clicked on maps-hours-directions]. And be sure to Google Analytic the snot out of all the data you can get your hands on with all your websites (are your GA Goals set up?), and make sure all dealer peeps understand the importance of the only CRM rule there is, "If it ain't in there - it didn't happen." Happy New Year!

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