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BDC training for 2017

BDC training for 2017

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Are You A Part Of The Smartphone Revolution?

In a very short 6 years, the iPhone and Android mobile platforms have come to represent over 90% of the smartphone market. In both design and operation, the iPhone has lead to a wildfire of smartphone adoption. While the open-platform Android has provided smartphone access to the masses by providing cost effective devices.


So what does all of this mean for you?

Let’s first take a look at mobile websites. Many dealerships consider a mobile website a helpful tool to help drive traffic into their store. However, here’s a look at why mobile websites simply aren’t enough to keep up and could actually be driving traffic away:

1) A “mobile website” is a condensed version of a “full” website – a website built to be viewed on a computer screen – not a mobile screen.  A mobile website wasn’t built to integrate with the underlying technology that drives mobile apps and does not take full advantage of unique smartphone capabilities like push notifications, GPS, or processing power.   

2) Mobile websites are hard to find.  Customers must open a browser, search your dealership name, then select your dealership from a list of search results.  They have the ability to save or bookmark, but the reality is that almost nobody (1%?) does that. 

3) Most mobile websites are a “get by” product.  Your website provider wants to keep your lucrative web hosting business, so they have created a mobile version to keep you “competitive”.  Their innovation in the mobile space moves only as fast as needed to retain your business. In turn, your customers have moved onto a true native mobile app. 

What’s a native mobile app?

A native mobile app is an application that can be downloaded via the App or Google Play Store. Here’s a more in depth look into native mobile apps.

Native mobile apps are the way to go

As mobile device usage increases, so will the need for a new way of contacting current and potential customers. Instead of emailing customers or spending hours on a monthly mailer, send special deals and coupons to customers with push notifications. Save man hours scheduling appointments and let mobile users decide what date and time works best for them with the push of a button. In other words, reconsider technologies like email and text, and adapt them for the modern smartphone user.

It’s time to take your business to the next level

A new study by Placed revealed that 63% of car shoppers research and shop online at the dealership, and unfortunately, they aren’t using your mobile website to shop.

So, what exactly are they doing on their smartphone?

  1. Checking Pricing—selling price, trade-in values, payment calculators, etc.
  2. Checking Inventory Availability— colors, features, etc.

It’s important to remember that the smartphone in the hands of your customers is a powerful tool. The opportunity you have to enhance the smartphone shopping experience for your store and increases the value of your dealership’s brand in invaluable. Earn more business and retain more customers by building an experience that meets, and exceeds, your users expectation.

For more information about native mobile apps, and how they can be used to take your dealership to the next level, check out or contact Jennifer at

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