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The Car Generation Z Will be Known For

The Car Generation Z Will be Known For

If Generation Z-ers aren’t on your mind yet, they will be. By 2020 they are expected to make up 25-percent of the Nations population. And that me…

(DrivingSales Success Tip) Service Walk: When is the Right Time?

(DrivingSales Success Tip) Service Walk: When is the Right Time?

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Culture: You’ve got it all wrong and we NEED to talk about it!

Culture: You’ve got it all wrong and we NEED to talk about it!

Let me explain. What do you think makes up Company Culture? When you ask people how they experience culture (not define it), you’ll get a varying deg…

Delivering a Car Buying Experience Your Customers Want

Delivering a Car Buying Experience Your Customers Want

The traditional 12-step "Road to the Sale" guidelines are out, and the Path to the Customer Purchase is in. In a DrivingSales Webinar,&nbs…

DSES 2018 Plan to Train or Plan to Fail: Grow Your Sales Managers Into Sales Leaders

DSES 2018 Plan to Train or Plan to Fail: Grow Your Sales Managers Into Sales Leaders

Great automotive sales managers know how to manage people as much as they know how to sell a car. They know how to be a leader, an accountant, a shrink, an…

Handling Stress on a Big Work Day: Five Tips

It’s never easy to keep your wits about you on a stressful work day, but as a car dealer, it’s something you have to do. Your job involves talking to people, which means you can’t get overwhelmed and brain fogged, and you definitely can’t get in a bad mood. At the same time, you’re only human. Stress has an effect on the strongest among us, and that means you need relaxation techniques to help ensure you’re balanced and energetic while talking to customers at work.

1. Calming Exercises

Pretty much any form of physical activity is going to have a stress-relieving effect. However, certain things, such as yoga and qigong, can really help you relax and get focused on the positive. When you’re overwhelmed with stress, energy blockages begin to form in the body. These practices have been done for thousands of years for a reason. They really work!

If you’re not up for learning an ancient art, taking a walk is another simple activity that can make you feel better. A study from Princeton University found that simple physical activities like going for a walk can help the brain respond better to stress. The treadmill is an option, but if the weather allows, try going for a walk outside. Being in the fresh air and sunlight can really turn a bad mood around.

2. Meditation and Deep Breathing

This likely isn’t the first time you’ve heard about the benefits of meditation. If you’re facing a stressful time at work, this is a good opportunity to test it out. You don’t need to be perfect, and it’s okay if your mind wanders during the meditation. The point is to focus on your breathing and relax yourself. If it helps, you can find a guided meditation online.

3. Set Reasonable Expectations

Most people in America are trying to do too much. It’s important to realize that attempting to cram as much work into the day as possible will often limit your productivity. If you’re facing a difficult time at work, try not to schedule too many other activities and errands within that time frame. Allow yourself time to rest and relax and home, and handle the other stuff later.

4. Decide on Your Goals the Night Before

If you do have things you need to handle outside of work, list them out at night before you begin to wind down for bed. No one likes to figure things out while groggy in the morning, and having your plan for the day decided in advance will help you feel less stressed out.

5. Eat and Drink Healthy

Some people tend to overeat when stressed, which leads to feeling bloated and sluggish. If you know you have an important day at work, start the day with a healthy breakfast and plan a nutritious lunch as well. Avoid the temptation to overload yourself with coffee or drink too much alcohol in the evenings, tempting as it might be. Too much coffee can make you jittery, and too much alcohol will leave you dehydrated and unable to be at your best with your customers.

The most important thing to remember is that you are capable. If you need to sell a certain number of cars to meet an expectation or financial requirement at work, you can do it! You just have to believe in yourself and know that it’s possible. You chose this line of work for a reason. The skills that are needed already belong to you. If you take care of yourself and practice an anti-stress lifestyle, you’ll be sure to do your absolute best.


Mark  Nicholson

I would add:
Create a game plan. Even a simple list of a few things to help you stay on point and keep focus.

Brandin Wilkinson

Great content Jennifer!  I think you'd like Brendon Burchard's 2-Minute Release Method as it is in line with what you're talking about here.  Also, here's a cool blog by Mark Moschel that has 11 Biohacks to increase your performance.  These topics need to be addressed more often and taken more seriously in my opinion in the automotive industry!

Chris K Leslie

I prefer to throw things, yell at puppies and lease passive-aggressive notes around the office. 

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