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The Rational Madness Of The Used Car Salesman

The Rational Madness Of The Used Car Salesman

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How we succeed without giant gorillas

How we succeed without giant gorillas

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3 Ways to Improve Sales Management at Your Dealership

3 Ways to Improve Sales Management at Your Dealership

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High Volume Hiring: What it is and Why You Should Use it

Understanding the Process of High Volume Hiring


Hiring can be costly and time-consuming especially when it involves recruitment of a large number of employees. High volume hiring is inevitable in any growing company seeking to expand their services, introduce a new project, or change the requirements of workers. High volume recruitment requires the employers to use different approaches and tools other than the traditional ones to hire hundreds or thousands of employees within the shortest time possible. Additionally, the companies also require paying attention to the productivity of the candidates and their ability to deliver good results. Sometimes, looking for the right employees can be a daunting task to the employer.


The Planning Process


High volume hiring requires the involvement of all the stakeholders and various departments in the planning process. The recruitment team should settle on the type of candidates they want, their desirable qualities, and the methodology to use in getting workers. They should decide on the amount of money they intend to use in the hiring, the ideal location to carry out the recruitment, and the timing. Companies should also base their hiring schedule depending on the number of people they intend to hire and the skill set that the candidates should possess.


Hiring a Small Number of Candidates


High volume hiring may involve a small or a big number of candidates ranging from less than 100 applicants to a value greater than 500. In cases where the company does not require a large number of people, the company officials may go for methods that are cheaper to use rather than mainstream media advertising. This may include advertising for the open position internally and allowing workers to apply for executive slots leaving the lower positions open. This may reduce the hiring costs since the candidates for lower ranks are easy to acquire and do not require many resources to recruit. Employers can also use referrals from other company employees or recruitment officials.


The Recruitment Process


After the exhaustion of the chances to get new workers, the company may then opt to look from employees from external sources. During high volume hiring, companies should raise awareness about their large number of openings in their region. They may do this through the business leaders, the local chamber of commerce, business leaders, and websites. Advertising on the sites and other listings such as Google or Bing is also essential. Recruitment process outsourcing is complex, and companies should ensure that the applicants understand the company's operations before inviting them to apply.


The recruitment team should also consider the minimum criteria that they want in relation to education or work experience to avoid having an exceedingly large number of applicants than they require. Companies should also encourage candidates to apply on their website or in person especially if applying for a key position. Remember to make a job offer that would be exciting to the final applicants to increase their chances of accepting the slot.


Factors to Consider while Hiring


High volume hiring is essential in every company that has just begun or looking to expand their services. Paying more attention to the productivity, skills, and the education level of the applicants is essential in obtaining the right candidates for the job. Company managers can track their hiring process to identify the areas that need improvements and minimize future chances of losing candidates.




High volume recruitment is essential for a company at one point or another. Hiring highly qualified teams helps in the growth of businesses and in simplifying the manager's work. The process of getting the right people for the job out of the thousands of applicants may be cumbersome, but appropriate tools and strategies will help speed up the process.


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