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How You Can Improve the Appearance of Your Car Dealership Website

Designing a website can be tricky because it has to meet the needs of visitors and update its content to rank higher on search engines. That means car dealerships should look into how they design their website backgrounds and use royalty free stocks in moderation. Below are incredible ways car dealerships can make their sites more appealing.

Emphasis Key Functions and Features with White Space

While color plays a critical role in making your car dealership website appealing, the lack of color can make a difference as well. White space allows a car dealership to focus on the essential pieces and gives the impression of professionalism and cleanliness. Just like how pool web designers use websites to demonstrate how to reduce pool cost, car dealership sites should employ white space to showcase their masterpieces.

Tone Down or Spruce Up Your CTAs

Car dealership websites no longer use flash ads that would pop up as people browse. Instead, dealerships have changed their approach and are now doing the opposite of those ads. You should make your CTAs pleasant and attractive and ensure they invite shoppers to the next step politely. Moreover, car dealerships should make sure their CTAs text style, color, and shade change when shoppers interact with them, and they should always feel good. However, car dealerships should avoid using too many CTAs so that the message reaches the targeted audience.

Be Strategic and Tasteful with the Use of Colors

While most people often overlook it, using colors strategically can drive more traffic to a website. Dealerships use a couple of thematic colors to decorate their storefronts, but often fill their sites with all sorts of colors and patterns. A curb appealing web page uses colors to enhance, emphasis, and highlight, but not to distract users or draw out content.

Get Rid of Distractive Pop-Ups

Of course, no one wants to be distracted by pop-ups as they try to search for a dream car. Poorly used pop-ups not only damage the appearance and credibility of a website but can also make a car dealership lose sales. Dealerships should, therefore, do away with any flyovers or pop-ups that distract web visitors. Social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to a website, but too much social media feeds can cause a distraction. The worst thing that can happen to a car dealership is to lose its hard-earned traffic.

Use Simple Designs

Successful web designs embrace a simplistic approach. A few decades ago, web designers would install incredibly complex features on their website, but all that has changed. Simple web designs are on the rise, and more brands are trying to adapt to them. Gone are the days when brands would impress their web visitors with flashy-looking websites; instead, companies prioritize their products and service quality. After all, fancy graphics will only slow down a car dealership website.

Make Every Page a Landing Page

Designing every web page with the essential features is crucial. It’s not only traffic that goes to the homepage, so car dealerships should include their vital information on every page. While this may seem like a tedious task, it can be a game changer on your website appearance. Internet users want to visit web pages with essential information so that they don’t waste their money and time browsing helpless sites.

Use Stock Photos in Moderation

Of course, car dealerships sell cars that they have, so they should avoid adding imaginary vehicles to their homepage. Actual pictures of the dealership itself, employees, and vehicles can help users connect to the business. Recent research has revealed that replacing fictitious photos with real ones can help build buyer’s confidence and drive more traffic to your site.

Choose a Readable Font

Some car dealerships are still making the mistake of choosing a font for fanciness instead of readability. A website font should be readable on all screen sizes. Online shoppers searching for quick information about a car won’t bother to struggle to browse a site with fancy, unreadable font.

Chris K Leslie

All great tips. Thank you.

Mark Rask

This is spot on

Linda Hansen

Another suggestion would be to mirror the colors/theme of your OEM’s customer facing website.  Consumers like a consistent experience.

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