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The Cadillac CT6 Challenges Tesla For Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Semi autonomous cars are becoming more and more prevalent on the roadways. General Motors is leading the surge by offering a Super Cruise version of the Cadillac. The Cadillac CT6 is a new age vehicle that comes with many of the technological features that are driving the automotive industry today. The car will be introduced for a price of $71,300. The base price is $66,290. The Super Cruise option will be another $5,000. The Platinum model of the Cadillac CT6 will come standard with the Super Cruise. Other manufacturers are heavily participating in the race for releasing the ultimate semi-autonomous vehicle. Nissan plans to have a semi self driving version of the Leaf. Audi is claiming that its new A8 model is the most advanced semi-autonomous system on the market today. For the time being Cadillac has taking the helm with its Super Cruise Cadillac CT6.


New Cadillac features compete with Tesla


The Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise system differs slightly from that of the Tesla autopilot. Drivers of the Cadillac semi autonomous vehicle will not be forced to touch the wheel on occasion in order to remind the system that they are alert. The Cadillac has facial recognition software installed which is intended to determine whether or not the driver has taken their eyes off of the road. The mapping data in the Super Cruise is the foundation of how the system works. This does mean that the semi-autonomous system in the Cadillac will be limited to operation in certain areas. Highways are the primary focus for operation of the Cadillac CT6 Super Cruise system.


The CT6 has some amazing features


The Cadillac CT6 was originally unveiled by General Motors in 2015. It is the first rear-wheel-drive full-size sedan to be marketed since the Fleetwood stopped production. The CT6 also comes optional with an all wheel drive system. It has the structure and handling ability of its closest rivals the Chrysler 300 and Lincoln Town Car. The CT6 has been chosen to be the General Motors Flagship model under the Cadillac brand. The vehicle is manufactured in Detroit. The original CT6 was rolled out on March 11th 2016. It sold at an auction or $200,000.


Self-driving cars are closer than you think


The idea of self driving cars has really taking hold in the minds of manufacturers. Even non automotive corporations such as Google and Uber are trying their hand at delivering a fleet of self-driving cars. However, government regulation and unforeseen circumstances related to traffic situations has made the introduction of a fully self-driven car very difficult. Cheap auto insurance is made available for cars that meet certain standards. Leading brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Lexus are equipped with radar and cameras that assist with driver safety.


Cruise control automatic parking and automatic braking have become common in modern sedans. This is a long way from having a car that is completely self-driven. Steering assist help keep a vehicle centered on the highway within a lane. These simple features are classified as a level 2 in the categories of autonomous cars and were the first features that consumers experienced with self-driving.


There are four different levels that categorize the self-driving car

Level one is very common and has been around for quite some time.


  • Cruise control is considered a level 1 option. It is it a feature that assist with driving however the motorist is in full control of the car.

  • Level 2 has more attributes that assist with driving. However, it is required that the driver be prepared to take control of the vehicle at any time. This is example of the Tesla autopilot system.

  • Level 3 allows the driver to take control over the car during certain circumstances. The car is actually able to drive on its own longer than a level 2 system car. However, it still requires that the motorist be prepared to take over the controls that anytime.

  • Level 4 is a completely autonomously operated vehicle with no help from the driver. The Google car is an example of such a vehicle.


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