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The Different Car Design Directions for the Future

Technology is the force that drives the development of modern society. Things that were not possible to do before were made common because of advancing technology. Take the Honda Civic 2016 as an example. It has introduced many innovative elements that were not seen in cars before. But now these car elements are commonly seen in most affordable cars. Car innovations have not stopped so here are some of the things that we may expect in the car designs of the future.

More Car Innovations

More and more car manufacturers will think of innovative technologies, not just in autonomous tech, but in other car tech as well. For example, we could expect future cars to have seating positions that can be revised where passengers can turn their seats around to be able to talk with each other face to face.

Manufacturers will also build cars with multiple displays even using the car doors for this purpose. This will induce more interaction with everything and everyone such as streaming online content and conducting social media activities, hands-free. There are also some projections that steering wheels will be experimented on with regards to what they do while the autonomous system is driving the car, and how the control can be safely returned to the driver if needed.

Autonomous Cars Are Going Up The Next Level

The driverless car has already gone up a notch. There is already a vehicle built that is capable of operating on “Level Three Autonomy” and it is now on sale. It was built by Audi which named it as Audi A8. However, in many regions of the world, its autonomous powers are deactivated because there are still no legislations that will regulate their use. But as the world gets ready for such technologies, the situation for these types of cars will vastly improve.

The speed by which technology will spur development of new autonomous car designs will only get faster. We can expect the future to see humans interacting with these emerging autonomous technologies. There will be cars that can message their environment while they are running on the streets. They can warn pedestrians or other road users of their presence or they can reverse the position of the front seats so that the passengers can face one another as the car is speeding ahead.

Electric Cars Will Go Mainstream

Electric cars will become featured products in glossy brochures of car companies instead of just the special cars that they were before. Take the example of the Mercedes EQ Concept and Volkswagen I.D. The Mercedes SUV will have overhangs that are shorter at both its rear and front ends. This design trend is reflecting the emergence of simple surfacing in the car’s flanks and no additional fussy spoilers or creases.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen I.D. is nearly the size of the VW Golf but has a much larger interior. This is due to a change in the chassis design which took advantage of the free space that was vacated by the combustion engine. This car is has the same cabin space of the Passat saloon which is much larger. It appears that this design trend is increasingly becoming common.

Both the Mercedes SUV and the Volkswagen I.D. are very similar to their concept cars that introduced them. Considering all of the innovative features of these two car models, it is therefore understandable that those who have seen them are of the firm belief that they will give the Tesla Model 3 of Elon Musk a run for its money.

Car Displays Will Be More Dynamic

Car cabins are not exempt from disruptive technologies. Manufacturers are now spending time and effort to increase the degree of display functionalities by using fewer switches and installing more touchscreens. There will be many instances where car makers will ditch physical instruments and gauges in favor of high resolution displays.

Not many cars have these features at present. However, if it becomes popular, more and more carmakers will be forced to join the dynamic display bandwagon. This technology was already showcased by a modified Maserati at the last Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show when it displayed an amazing multi-screen display arrangement inside its cabin.


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