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With DSES coming up Read this to have a better impact!


Dear Vendors,

My name is Jeremy Brown. A small amount may know me as  @jb_carguy. The purpose of this letter is to shed some light on the fact that how you act, while representing your business can and will cost you business. I discovered this week that, "The world not be taught half as much as it needs reminding." I know you guys and girls know what I'm about to say, but maybe you have forgotten, maybe you simply need to be reminded.

The foremost point is whether you like it or not you ALWAYS represent your brand and employer. I capitalize ALWAYS again. Did I mention that you ALWAYS represent your brand and employer? I will as well add that you represent your dealer client base as well.

I admittedly do not go to enough conferences, summits, or 20 groups. I have gone, and I want you to know that while you’re speaking, character is important and will show me what you know. It is the after hours part that tells me who you are.  Did I mention that you ALWAYS represent your brand and company? This is especially true and magnified at conferences! Here are a few tips.

  • You can be the smartest person in the room, but if you get so hammered at the after hours of the event, that you become a bumbling idiot, what does that say about you as a person?
  • The discussions you have in the evenings are still very important.
  • Don't talk about or demean your competition, it just makes you look bad.
  • How you act is a direct reflection of how you will treat me as a client.
  • Don't talk about my dealer competitors either, I may be friends with them, and you could insult me or show me what you’re willing to do to make a deal.

While we’re on the topic of behavior, I’d like to talk about some Social Media points.

  • When you are angry or hurt about something the old rule was to wait 24 hours before you post respond. I suggest taking that to social media and wait 24 hours to post … well, at least 24 minutes.
  • Think about what you post, who you post to and why you are posting.
  • If you have your underwear in a bunch and insult someone or sarcastically disrespect someone online,you may have just alienated yourself from all their friends and cost yourself (and your company) money.
  • It is safer to remain silent and have people think you are quieter than to post and look like an idiot.
  • Consider context. Try to look at how the black and white words may be interpreted. You don’t have to be PC all the time or watch every word, but inside jokes and callously jumping in to bully individuals reflects poorly on you.
  • THE MAJOR POINT HERE: I want my vendor friends to be successful, but how you act does represent me to the people I MAY OR MAY NOT recommend you to. So, like it or not, please quit making me look bad, by your stupid posts, or I will be forced to distance myself from you and your company. If your online presence does not agree with my values, I no longer will value your online presence.

Deals are cultivated at these events for the WHOLE event. I can guarantee that you can make, but more importantly LOSE more business the nights of the consequence.

I can personally tell you I have attended an event and have experienced a negative situation that made me reconsider a lot of things. These events have evolved and changed how we interact with one another. There are more of us on the vendor side than ever before. We get together we want to enjoy each other’s company and let our hair down. I understand that. And up until this point, I have enjoyed the same friendly banter, networking, and letting my beard down. The thing is, you can do that without getting hammered, putting your friends in uncomfortable situations, and demeaning people around you.

There are some people and companies I will NOT or no longer do business with. I would never cite their name here, because I have waited a day to write this and awhile to post it, but if I was asked about these companies or people, I would not recommend them. My reputation with my friends is something I take seriously, and I will not risk it for someone who doesn't recognize it is not ok to be hammered or high or hurtful while they are working.

Please don't think of me as a prude, my close friends know that when the time comes to party, I can go with the best of them. However, when in a business scenario, it's not time to act like you are home alone for the first time. Use your head and act like your future depends on it.

need Vendor partners.  Notice I said partners, we are equal in this, and I need people and collaborators that are going to help me be successful. Can you be that Vendor?  Can you be the partner I need? Can you ALWAYS represent yours and my Brand the way I need you to?

I sincerely hope so.

Your Friend,

JB Carguy

Here is the link to my original post .

Dustin Lyons
Very well said! Thank you for the input, and a great reminder. As my GSM used to always say when I left the dealership for the day "remember who you are and what you stand for". I would love to meet you in person at DSES.

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