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My rant for the day - Basic spelling!

It's no good, I can't hold this one in any longer. We all know that auto dealers do not have the best reputation on the social scale but why do we have to keep shooting ourselves in the foot in public?

I'm talking about the fact the many industry high-level managers still manage to describe themselves on their websites and various profiles as the "dealer principle" rather than the correct way which is "dealer principal". It drives me crazy. Maybe it is because I am English and like to do things properly or perhaps I am just downright pedantic. Either way, if you are in charge of a multi-million dollar business, don't advertise the fact that you cannot use the language correctly. It makes you look stupid to the world.

For those who don't appreciate the difference, here are the definitions from  several online dictionaries


  a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption

  a moral rule or belief about what is right and wrong, that influences how you behave:


  the main person in a business or organization, who can make important business decisions and is  legally responsible for them:

most important, consequential, or influential : chief principal ingredient> principal city>

OK. I have got that off my chest. Now I can go and chill out.  I just wanted to let everyone know so that they can fix their public persona and maybe win another customer or two. After all, we spend so much time fine tuning what we put into our online product offerings. Shouldn't we apply the same logic to ourselves?



Relieved of Ontario, Canada







Jeff Simonton
As being a little picky appears to be the issue, perhaps spell-checking the rant on spelling (or homophones, to be more accurate) would help to avoid publishing the typo, “aprreciate”.
Jeremy Wiggell
Thanks for the advice. I changed it just for you Jeff. Good thing you are not a DP! :)

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