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Woman Car BUyerNow is time to go the extra mile and ensure loyalty with your women customers through creating a culture of customer service.

 There is a high correlation between customer service and customer loyalty. A study by the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business found 70% of online customers rated themselves "very likely" to make repeat purchases from companies that respond to and resolve issues.

With these few basic tips you can create and maintain loyal women customers by making them feel like the most important customer you’ve seen all day, no matter what the state of the economy is.

1. Focus on what you are able to do for them, and try to avoid saying there is something you are unable to do for them. If they have a difficult or impossible request, try suggesting the next best thing you can do for them. Admit that it might not be exactly what they were interested in, but that you have a way to help them. You should be able to offer them a viable alternative. This shows that their business is important to you and also that you and your place of business know how to solve problems. 

2. When a woman is angry, let them vent at first. Remember it’s not personal. Do not interrupt them or start to speak until they have finished everything they have to say.

3. Diffuse anger by saying “I understand that you feel upset or angry.” This will acknowledge the customer’s position and it gives the customer the sense that you care about what they are feeling.

4. Remember her name and use it at various points in the conversation. Write it down if necessary so you don’t forget the name.

5. Make sure you present an acceptable solution to her problem. Get her consent and agreement. This will confirm where you both leave the issue.

6. Always end each contact with a “Thank you” or a message of appreciation for her business.

7. When speaking to a woman, make certain that your tone of voice matches your words. Remember, your tone of voice can contradict your message.

8. Make sure you are actively listening and wear a smile even while on the phone! There is nothing worse than asking an upset or angry woman to repeat what they have just said.

9. Follow up on your solution. Contact her at a later time, to make sure that their problem has been resolved and they are pleased with the outcome.

10. Ask if there is anything else that you can do for her. Taking the time to ask shows her that you value her business, this often results in increased business and a more than satisfied customer who will refer you to her friends and family.

No matter what the product or service you have sold a woman customer, you can be assured that she will appreciate it by making it personal by sending her a personal thank you note. It may lead to referrals to friends and family when your attention to detail and customer service is passed on by a happy woman customer.

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