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Your DSES Homework Assignment

The 2nd annual DrivingSales Executive Summit is rapidly approaching and Jared Hamilton and Charlie Vogelhiem has assembled a rock n’ roll cast to open our minds to the changing efficiencies of digital marketing for dealers. As it is with all conferences, there is no reason to go if you are just going to hobnob. Last year’s event was a marvel in quick, big picture discussions, engaging roundtables and motivational learning.

Some of the valuable memories from last year’s event was the SEO panel with Brian Pasch, JD Rucker, and Paul Rushing as they detailed out the impending trends that will (and have) taken place on the front of Search Engine Optimization. Skip Streets broke out some eye-opening data about the internet shopper’s lifecycle as a buyer. Dennis Galbraith discussed dealer operations and marketing strategies (and reminded us that any good closer has a beautiful wife by his side). Will Travis discussed the power of a changing media environment and Aaron Strout targeted specific movement in the social media realm. 

As you can see, I took my notes at the event, but I came prepared. Here is your Homework Assignment to ready yourself for the deluge of intensive information you’ll get from the 2nd DrivingSales Executive Summit.

Let’s focus on the Speakers:

Scott “the Full” Monty from Ford Motor Company and creator of The Social Media Marketing Blog is going to detail how Ford has stayed ahead of its competitors with their top-tier uses of social media. 

Question #1:

Scott Monty coined the Oxford Dictionary of English-accepted term
  • Herewitherto
  • Tweetup
  • Social Mediarrhea
  • Flaced (the act of having your Facebook page stolen)
Another amazing speaker at the event is Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group. A master in web strategy, his blog Web Strategy, is read by 70,000 unique visitors a month. Mr. Owyang is going to be detailing the organizational shift dealers must make because of the current online trends of the world.

Question #2:

Jeremiah "not Amish regardless of first name" Owyang was famously quoted...
  • “God punishes those who attempt to defy me”
  • “Social media ain’t nothing’ but a thang.”
  • “What’s the one thing brands, gangs, and dogs all have in common? They all mark their territory.”
  • “My pillow has a heartbeat.”
The venerable Dale Pollak of vAuto will be speaking on his favorite topic of presenting your inventory specifically based on the market demand and the cultural mindset that must be abandoned to move forward with your pricing strategies.

Question #3:

Dale Pollak made headlines this past month after it was announced he
  • Sold vAuto to AutoTrader
  • Spoke only 18 times at conferences and 20 Groups instead of his usual 25 times a month
  • Defeated his sensei in battle to become an official 8th degree Hachidan black belt in Kenpo martial arts
  • Bought a sweater.
Eric Miltsch, Internet Director for Auction Direct USA – a used car superstore – will be discussing the many uses of location-based, mobile technologies and how dealers can drive visitors and brand awareness using these and similar social media tactics.

Question #4: 

Eric recently launched his very own iPhone app titled…
  • Eff / Marry / Kill
  • Contagious?
  • CarZar
  • NachoDaddy
NY Times Best-Selling Author and Sales Trainer, Grant Cardone, is a last minute addition to the DrivingSales Executive Summit agenda. Grant will be discussing how technology is changing the sales field and talk about the fundamental skills needed to move forward.

Question #5:

After headlining the Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver last month, Grant Cardone and yours truly, Joe Webb, battled in an intense billiards tournament with (fellow DSES speaker) Brian Pasch of PCG Consulting Group and Brock Allen. Who lost the billiards tournament?
  • Brian Pasch and Brock Allen
  • Brian Pasch and Brock Allen
  • Brian Pasch and Brock Allen
  • Brian Pasch and Brock Allen
Once again, I, along with many of my peers (and friends that I don’t consider peers) will be in attendance at the DrivingSales Executive Summit and I am looking to take away some more great information. For you to do the same, make sure to familiarize yourself with these speakers and take this homework assignment. If you honestly can’t answer any of these questions above – you don’t just need to register and attend, but likely visit the hospital for an MRI because you were probably dropped on the head as a baby.

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