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Joey Little

Joey Little Vice President of Social Strategy

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This Week in Social Media

Social Media Update – Week of 7/20



Hey, it’s Joey Little, VP of Social Strategy with the MotoFuze Weekly Social Media Update.  This week we’ve got some great news for those of us who want more from our mobile social media experience!

Twitter Summary Cards

Twitter users will now see more web content detail in their timelines thanks to the newest Summary Card update.   Both iOS and Android mobile users will see this updated functionality, which now allows users to see an image, title, and a summary of the tweet. Previously, users had to click on the tweet in order to see the details. Twitter publishers are happy with the increase in information that is shared, as well as the more attractive format that rolled out with this update. For automotive dealerships that want to connect with consumers online, this is a great new way to share even more detail with shoppers and get them interested in what you’re posting.

Twitter Data Dashboard

Twitter has had a busy week, as it also unveiled a new data dashboard for users which allows improved monitoring and management of accounts. The new tool is accessible via the settings menu and shows account activation details, devices that have accessed your account, as well as recent login history. This makes it easy to quickly review an account to ensure everything looks as it should. Allowing users a quick glance at all logins, Twitter is making it even easier to recognize security breaches with this new tool. For businesses, this adds an extra degree of security as you branch into the mobile world and connect with your customers where they are researching, shopping, and sharing information.

Vine Suggestions

If you’re a dedicated Viner, you’ll be happy to know Vine has recently added feature that will help users out by suggesting accounts to follow. Simply by tapping the Find People icon in the top left corner, users are able to see hand-picked suggestions and choose new accounts to follow. Along with this newest update also comes a quality setting that offers users the option of posting their Vines in HD. Dealerships who are branching out in the social media realm can really have some fun with Vine as they enhance their brand recognition with this app. In fact, automotive ranks in the top five features sharing on Vine, so get creative and share some Vines with potential customers!

Google Purchases Button

Google is testing a new purchase button which will allow smartphone shoppers to click on a Google ad when searching for items on their mobile devices. A ‘Buy on Google’ text ad may appear with alongside items that are being shopped, which will take consumers to a retailer-branded product page hosted by Google. With a seamless and secure checkout, shoppers are sure to like Google’s latest update. Keep your eyes open, automotive dealerships; this feature may be handy in the future for getting customers to your parts and services pages.

Facebook “Watch Later” Button

No time to watch a video now? Facebook is testing a new "water Later" desktop function for videos that allows users the option of saving videos and viewing them at a more convenient time. Simply by scrolling over the upper right-hand corner of a video, users are able to select “Watch Later” in order to view videos that appear in their feeds at a later time. With 4 billion daily views, video is one of the fastest-growing categories on Facebook, and with continued user capabilities, this category will likely grow even more. Opportunity exists for businesses and dealerships that take advantage of the newest convenience features for users; consider an inventory walk-through or an on-the-lot promotion update to invite shoppers to your location.

Tip of the Week—How to Grow Your Engagement

Dealerships are smart to focus resources and energy on building a stellar online presence.  What you may or may not realize is how the definition of successful social engagement has changed in the past few years.  Advances in analytics have delivered in-depth insights into true engagement.  Successful online engagement involves user interaction with your content.  When individuals click on your content and want to read more about what you’ve posted, you’ve truly engaged them…and that’s the opportunity to influence you’re after!

So, how do you get online followers to click on your content? To get you started, follow the quick tips below, and you’ll begin to get clickthroughs faster than you can say “Facebook”:

  • Share interesting and relevant content that helps consumers learn about your industry. Instead of going for the hard-sell, for example, post an interesting article about why it’s imperative to follow a routine vehicle maintenance schedule.
  • Use visuals. You’ll draw your online followers in and be more likely to captivate them with pictures, videos, and infographics. People absorb and understand visual input more quickly, and they’ll be more likely to click to learn more if you give them something interesting to look at.
  • Get to the point. While some social media sites keep you to specific character counts, others will let you type paragraphs. Your followers will be more likely to click and continue to read if your posts are easy to understand and concise.

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